October 10, 2011

Perfect Saturday.

I love my Baylor Bears. Like, LOVE them. One must really LOVE their school when they are used to losing games more than winning...and they STILL buy season tickets to support their team. I mean, I am proud of my Alma Mater, whether my bears win or lose...
but, I am totally LOVING this year's football season.
Now mind you, we only finished the 2nd week of conference play, but still...
after the 1st game of the season, my Bears have been ranked.
It's exciting.
As of now we are ranked higher than UT and A&M....let's just keep our fingers crossed for the game next weekend against the Ags.
So...since it IS football season, our weekends are mainly spent in Waco.
Makes me miss Waco...not necessarily college...but I MISS Waco.
Like, iwanttomovethererightnow.....miss Waco.

There is just something about spending a Saturday at George's, even if you can't go into the bar because you have two babies.
Saturdays are perfect when you have George's, tailgating, and then a football game.

Here is Big E after enjoying a George's sprite...haha...
just waiting on her yummy chicken tenders.

and little e looking at me like I am crazy
after I was telling her all about George's Baylor Beggars.
{check out those GREEN eyes}

these two guys are two peas in a pod.
you know you are old when you don't care that you are carrying around babies.

so thankful that my momma came for the weekend! she was a HUGE help!!
Here we are at George's tent, tailgating before the game.
Little e just fell asleep holding Gambi's hand.

and tailgating is always better when you get to hang out with friends that you haven't seen in AGES!! Walt's old roommate Max, and his wife Whitney, were at the game. We hadn't seen them since their baby boy, Wells, was 6 weeks old..he just turned a yr...so it has been quite a while! Loved catching up with them.

and my little Sue can make any Saturday perfect!
This pic is horrible...but the only good picture we got is on Sue's camera..
so this will have to do!

eloise (19 months) and wells (13 months) just dancing and playing together!
{isn't Wells soooooo handsome! omg, those EYES!!}

looks like em found her napping spot.

I would have never imagined that Walt and Max would have two beautiful wives and 3 kids between them when they were living together 7 years ago.. haha!!

me and my momma!!

it was overcast all day on Saturday..
but this made it PERFECT weather for the game.
it wasn't too hot, and it was breezy...the girls were just fine inside the stadium.

Em is practicing her 'sic em!

and we all know how I have stated that E LOVES her diddy.
She just really prefers boys all around....

well, it looks like Em is following in big sister's footsteps.
The second she would fuss, we passed her off to Kevin, and she was just as happy as ever!

Sue getting in some quality time with the girlies...

Eloise loves her Gambi

and Pat.

the game was a success! The bears won, the girls stayed awake the whole time, and were GREAT, we hung out with friends, ate George's...it was perfect!

and emmy loved waking up on Sunday morning being the queen of the King size bed!

and i just had to share this picture of em eating her favorite vegetable...CARROTS!!

*You know the weekend was really a success, when your oldest child slept from 7:30-10:00 on Monday morning.
Can you say EXHAUSTED??!!

Fingers crossed that our bears win this weekend...unfortunately we won't be attending that game, as it is in College Station...but we will be cheering on the bears from our t.v. set!!


JoDee said...

How great that your whole family has so much fun at Baylor football weekends!! I think it's awesome that you have such quality family time doing something that y'all love!
And I love your outfit by the way! Cute!

Sue said...

Perfect Saturday INDEED! I loved that I finally got quality time with you and my little loves!! Emerson is just the sweetest with her big, beautiful smile, and Eloise..just melts my heart when she dances and talks! In. Love. So much fun catching up as always!

Momma said...

Thanks so much for allowing me tag along! It was a perfect day...Good food, weather, football, and family! (Wish everyone could have joined us!) The girls are precious! Still can't believe that they made it through the entire game!!! Much love

Whitney Jodry said...

We loved seeing you guys, Mere! Hope to see you again soon! Your girls are just beautiful!