October 25, 2011

I'll take ALL the tips I can get....

my oldest child HATES the camera.
I think it is because I always have the camera out, and she has slowly figured out that momma is taking pictures.
She will pick up the camera and say cheese, like she is taking a picture, but when you turn it on her...
She is NOT having it.
We went home this weekend and Walt's cousin, who is a fabulous photographer, took some family pictures... {thank you Patrick, for putting up with us!!}
these were meant to be for our annual Christmas card.
BUT, I have a child that has a mind of her own, and she decided against it.
We tried everything.
EVERYTHING... to get her to take that sour puss look off of her face and smile for the camera...
BUT, to no avail, she stood her ground.
So, here's my question...
Mommas... what do you do to get your child to actually look like they are sweet and innocent?
How do you grab their attention?
My child just starts crying like a toddler...
because she is one, but still...
nothing can turn her off...
not the ABC's, the Itsy Bitsy Spider...nothing.
I need help...because I can't NOT have Eloise in our family Christmas picture!!

Here is the best shot we got... I love it,
but...we MUST have one with Miss Gracie!!

I'm afraid next year, this little love will be pulling the same thing

I mean, I know she is a toddler, but she would not cooperate..this is all she wanted to do.

this picture of daddy and his baby girl

even with the paci...
she was NOT going to give us a smile.
standing her ground very firmly

ok, fine...i'll just go kiss sweet baby girl, then.
we thought maybe if momma held her..
pre-occupied with the darn "titty tat" that was wandering around
now, she's happy

Christmas is fast approaching, and I have a little stinker on my hands!!


JoDee said...

I can completely relate!! It's such a pain to take pictures... my only idea for you is either to use a picture with her crying (to remember her exactly as she is!) or use a card with more than one picture space and use your favorites of each girl, even if they aren't photographed together. Hope you get a good one! The pictures you posted are adorable!!

rathi said...

I agree, K is in the same stage, she'll turn her head if we try to take her picture.. I wanted to get her a costume for Halloween and she wants nothing to do with it.. lol

Marci said...

Love these sweet pics! I can only say what has worked for us in the past....when we tooK Margo's birthday pictures, B stood behind me and blew bubbles. But since you need all your family in the pictures, maybe tie a bright balloon to the camera, or bring along someone who can blow bubbles? When it's just me and Margs, all I usually have to do is mention Elmo and she perks right up. Your girls are adorable though! Good luck! :)

Momma said...

And you wonder why there are so few pictures of you at this age? Like mother, like daughter! Be patient...this too, shall pass, I promise. :)

Anonymous said...

We had the exact same problem recently except our little booger wouldn't even let us hold him. He screamed and kicked 'til he was let down. We tried everything!....toys, food, the paci, laptop, animals, etc. I'm interested to see how our's turned out. I'm still waiting on them.

Kellie Staats said...

I've had this problem as a photographer. I have learned to take lots of bribes with me aka: candy, bubbles, tu tu's, playdough ect.

You make not get a up close smiley picture of her but at least she wont have a frown.

You can try the old trick of, "Can you see my eye in side my camera lens?" I usually get a smile when they are doing that.

Graham said...

Something is wrong on here because I have tried to leave a number of comments that are not going through. Anyway- last attempt- My advice is don't try and change it at all. You will look back and smile knowing you can see the "phase" in the pictures alone and any real moment is better than a forced one anyway. She is beautiful and that is what makes the pictures cuter anyway - her personality shines through bc they are real. :)

Jessica said...

Love your baby names!