November 13, 2011

Grumpy Old Men

Well...I've officially done it. I've gotten REALLY behind with blogging. I'm so far behind, it would not be a surprise if within this post I told you that I had not been blogging because I've been feeling so sick, because Walt and I are expecting another child...
HA...don't worry...that is NOT the case!!
I've just gotten behind because I have two small children under the age of 20 months, and I can't ever find time to sit at the computer and blog.
I don't like that it has come to that point.
But, on to another subject.
My darling husband officially turned OLD this weekend.
I'm talking, we've been together since he was he is 3o
He's old.

He also knows me really well...and he knew that I had something up my sleeve.
believe me, I can't take credit for it...I got it off Pinterest...
What did we do without pinterest?
Anyways...about a month ago I sent an email out to friends and family asking them to write down a memory that they had of Walt. They were asked to mail it in, and then on his birthday he would have 30 years of memories to open.
Well...Walt had about 45 memories, but it was so neat to read the memories.
I loved reading them and being reminded as to why I fell in love with him
Walt is such a good person, and a wonderful friend.
So, Friday night, the day of his birthday, I presented him with his envelopes and told him that this was in fact, what I had been working on.
He bought it.
And he also told me about a 1000 times that this was by far the greatest gift that he had ever received.

But of course, that wasn't all I had planned.
Like I said earlier...Walt is an old man.
He is a Grumpy Old Man.
So...after emailing his close friends...I asked them to dress as grumpy old men and come over to the house on Saturday morning to wake Walt up and take him to go do things that Grumpy Old Men do.
It was great...they showed up at 7 and Walt was still asleep...
He had no clue.
Todd is leading the pack into the bedroom to wake him up...
AHHH...Happy Birthday Walter!!

So the boys, I mean, grumpy old men, left to go play golf at the crack of dawn...
such good sports.. all dressed up in their old men gear

and then after golf, it was off to the brewery... where the girls could join in on the fun as well..

oh yes, i let my child eat off the floor.
hey, if i've told her a 1000 times and she's still doing it...
I can't change her. :)

check out Travis' shoes!!
they are CLASSIC old man
My babies always want to be around sarah!

then all the grumpy old men went home and napped, before dinner.
isn't that what old men do?
after the naps, it was time to get ready for dinner...
i must tell you...walt must really mean something to me, because saturday night was the FIRST time EVER that I have left my children with a babysitter.
Sure, i've left them with friends and family...
but i'm talking...I know your mother but don't know you but can you babysit a 20 month and a 6 month old...
ohh...I must REALLY LOVE that man.
because I did it.
I left them with a babysitter..and yes, they were fine..but oh how my heart was aching.
Here is the Bass Family before dinner...
so happy that everyone came out!
18 friends there to celebrate Walt's birthday...
Walt must be a good man.
Thank you all for coming!

and then they surprised him with a little dessert...
can't believe I will never kiss a 20 something year old again...

and after a successful night...we were able to wake up to these two precious babies on Sunday morning...
emerson and presley
and then we put all three of them through the ringer trying to take their pictures


Momma said...

Looks like the B-Day was a big hit! I love the "old man" clothes. So glad everyone had a good time. :)

Graham said...

So cute i love the idea! Your babies are precious!