December 7, 2011

stomach bug 2011

oh goodness. with two it is SO much worse. especially when they are as young as mine.
we had a great weekend.
we ventured to Baylor to the last game of the season,
we even went to church on Sunday and had a surprise visitor
we also went to a friend's birthday party...
then monday rolled around.
oh. oh. oh.
emerson started feeling crummy
turns out she has an ear infection
she was throwing up.
the doctor specifically asked me about eloise...
my response..
"oh, eloise? she's fine."
tuesday rolls around...
when eloise asked me if she could go "nigh night" at 10:30 in the morning, i knew something was off...
BOTH girls sick.
throwing up, fever, runny nose...
little eloise is crying looking at me saying, "body hurt"
and emerson...right after she throws up on me for the 5th time that day...what does she do?
she laughs.
of course she does...
that girl, always smiling.
wouldn't even know anything was wrong with her, if she wasn't throwing up.
and now it's wednesday....eloise is on the mend, em has only thrown up once... must come with the territory because...
now i've got it.
ugh. i hate you stomach bug.
despise you.
fingers crossed that walt doesn't get it.

this picture is classic.
we have been talking to eloise about santa...we've watched movies, she knows he brings her gifts, she's seen pictures...she was all excited, until she sat on his lap.
and emerson...i had given her a pancake 10 minutes before...little did i know, until the picture, that she was chipmunking it!!

my emerson is putting on some weight since she's started eating some people food.
girl loves her carbs, what can i say? and she's still chimpmunking that pancake!

LOVE our church.
they had little crafts set up for the children to do.
Eloise was coloring one of her sheep that goes in the manger.
i'm thinking she has a pretty good grip on that marker!

she had all these nativity stickers to choose from to make her doorhanger.
she is obsessed with stickers.
here we are decorating her bag...but she thought it was a "purse"
to put all her goodies in.
i knew i had a long nose...but this picture..

sweet little emerson will be able to participate next year.

daddy and eloise are making a craft..
baby jesus in the manger.

she won't let go of that purse.
we didn't want to take up too much of one of the sweet ladies time...
so after 3 pictures...this was the best we had.
at least walt and i know how to look at the camera. :)

then E and i went to our friend's Eli's 2nd birthday party!
Just momma and E went...daddy stayed home with e so she could nap.
Eloise was one of 2 girls there...all of my friends seem to have boys...but E loves it!
girl can hold her own!!
she LOVES balloons

Cameron and E go to Miss Jasmin's together...this was right after they planted one of each other's lips.
They love each other.
and these were the pictures I took to document the stomach bug of 2011.
here are my two sweet babies after their afternoon can tell that Em is feeling pretty bad. Of course, E has finally gotten the hang of the camera, so she was doing her best pose, even though she felt bad.
this was at approximately 3:35...
a bath at 3: 35?
yes...because of throw up.
my view from my chest at 4:30.
Walt loved my outfit...
gray sweat pants...(that i have worn the past 2 winters being pregnant, which now fall off my butt)and my santa sleep shirt. he specifically asked me to never wear that outfit again.
I told him after being thrown up on numerous times through out the day...this was all i could throw on and piece together.
big sis fell asleep on the couch at 5:00 watching mickey.
feels horrible.
and little on my chest.

hope that stomach bug never comes back.


Becca said...

So sorry for you! It's literally the worst. I can't even imagine with 2. Our whole family got it in August. You hit an all time low when you are throwing up in front of your child! I feel your pain!!!!