March 15, 2012

spring break

It's just like me to not post for a while and then all of a sudden have to upload 30 pictures. But to be honest...I haven't blogged because after Eloise's birthday bash things calmed down for a while...and I've been fighting an on again off again virus...
so most of my nights have been spent going to bed.
This week is Spring Break...but it has been more like Spring Busy.
I love spring break...seems like there is always a ton to do.
We started off spring break by going to a birthday party for a sweet friend of Eloise and Emerson. My girls were having so much fun I didn't take out my camera and snap pictures, as I was playing with them...but
we did get a little picture of the family before we left.
It's not the we are!
On Saturday, Walt's mom and brother came into town.
I love when they come visit. Yes, because I love hanging out with Lalee and Tucker, but also because when Lalee is in town, it is always a good excuse for Walt and I to go on a real date!
We know that Lalee would much rather be with her grandgirls!! :)
So...Walt and I went to a nice dinner, then went and had drinks with some of our friends...and finished the night off by going to a house warming party.
Perfect Saturday night.

and we always know that when Lalee is in town we will have some fabulous desserts!
Lalee watched the girls on Monday while Tucker and I went shopping at the Galleria.
While we were gone Eloise and Lalee whipped up some yummy chocolate chip cookies for us!
Chef Eloise is getting the BEST baking advice from Lalee!!

and of course the Houston Rodeo is going on, so what's a girl to do with her boyfriend?
Why go to the rodeo of course!
Eloise, Emerson and myself ventured to the rodeo yesterday with Jaxon and Miss Elysia.
Jaxon and Eloise have quite the relationship.
It is so fun to see them together!!
he's going in for the kiss....
got it!!
Jaxon and Eloise spending a day "on the farm"
you must feed the chickens...
and in return you get an egg...

waiting in line to milk the "cow"
"this way momma"
checking out the cow

Miss Elysia and my E
Jaxon was not afraid to milk the cow...Eloise wanted to just let him do it.
picking the peaches off of the tree
playing in the corn...
and at the end of the day...she was able to get "paid"
for all her hard work, and pick out a treat!
Looking at the baby calf that was literally just born
eloise warming up and
petting "elsie" the cow
so excited to see the cows walk by...
and a rodeo wouldn't be complete without a ride on the merry go round...
and here are these two...tuckered out!!
Emerson was so hot...I said, what the heck..and took off her pants! :)
and I felt bad because I had all of these pictures of Miss Eloise...but Emerson was strapped to me, so I wasn't able to take any pictures of her... be are three pictures from a recent photo shoot we had..
sweet girl...
can't believe her 1 year invites are going out in the mail, TOMORROW!!

now..if I could just shake this virus, for good!!


Momma said...

Love the new pictures! Really cute "Farm" for the kids! The last picture of EmmyC is my favorite! Get well...the virus has lasted way too long!