March 26, 2012


Yes. Walt and I ventured to New Orleans this weekend to celebrate a great friend's 30th birthday.
BUT...before I post pictures of our incredible weekend getaway...I MUST talk about my littlest love.
Holy moly..she is 11 months old.
Like, I am talking I got something in the mail today talking to me about my one year old toddler.
let me just take that in.
and a walking toddler she is about to become.
This girl is pulling up on EVERYTHING.
All she wants to do is STAND...all the time.
We made a little trip to the dr.'s office because I suspected she had an ear infection, and thank goodness I was right.
So...4th infection...time for tubes.
Yay...but, at least now she won't be hurting anymore.
And...when I went and took her to the dr., they weighed her, so I was able to see how big she was for 11 months.
She was 18 1/2 pounds.
I went through and looked to see how old Eloise was when she was that big...
Eloise was 18 1/2 pounds at 8 1/2 months.
Either I have a large baby Eloise or a small baby Emerson.
and at 11 months Emerson you:
Eat anything I place in front of you.
Which makes this very easy for me...because I can give you anything I am eating and you will eat it.
You still drink 4 bottles a day... 1/2 formula, 1/2 whole milk.
You take 2 naps... 9-11 and 1:30-3:30
Your favorite food has now become peas, corn, broccoli, green beans
Like I said are pulling up on everything, and you get into EVERYTHING!
You love to play with your sister, and bang pots and really bang them.
Your favorite show is Bubble Guppies and you get so excited when your daddy comes home.
You are still the happiest baby, and I have mixed emotions about your ONE year birthday.
Your daddy and I love you and your sister more than anything in this entire world.

I asked her how old she was going to be next month...
she proceeded to let me know.

This past weekend, Walt and I went to NOLA with some of our closest friends to celebrate Patrick's 30th birthday.
What an incredible weekend...
We left at noon on Friday and returned home on Sunday around 2:30.
We had so much fun and were in the BEST company.
Walt and I are both so thankful for Pat's friendship...and we know he had a wonderful 30th birthday!!
Starting off our weekend!!
The girls!!
Sue, Me, Poco, Jen and Leslie
Poco was such a trooper...
she came down with the 48 hr. stomach bug...
here we are after making a quick trip to CVS for some medicine....
the guy in the background just had to ruin the picture!!
Me and my Sue watching the Baylor game!!
Our boys made it to the Elite 8!!

Proud to be a Bear!!
Going to celebrate on Bourbon Street
2 of the biggest Baylor fans I know!!

Sweet Leslie and Todd

Fun times celebrating our win!!

and of course McKamy and Patrick had to dance!!
A win only deserves the BEST dance moves
Saturday morning, we got up and had brunch at a great little restaurant...the glass slipper
then it was off to the French Quarter

and there was a food festival going on...
the boys were so excited!
Matt just had to stop and have a taste of Sangria
the always fashionable Poco and Sue
the boys eating their festival food
and then it was off to a fun little bar that had the Lady Bears on t.v.
And the Lady Bears dominated, and of course, made it to the Elite 8 as well!
Me and my Baylor favs!!
and I've decided that I want to get married (ok, remarried)
in NOLA... how FUN is this?!? Right after getting married having a band play and you walk through the streets...SIGN ME UP!! SO FUN!
We then stopped off at one of the oldest bars in NOLA...
Pat asking me if I accept his rose. s
then it was off to dinner, for Patrick's birthday.
Me and Walt with our sweet Matt and Sue.
So thankful for the friendship we have with them.
and we couldn't NOT take a pic of the besties with their girls...
Pat and Todd
with their girls Leslie and Poco.
singing "Happy Birthday" to Pat
his reaction after his birthday shot.
me with my love.
what a great weekend.
and after the birthday dinner, we made our way to the Ritz and listened to a jazz band play...
and maybe we all made our way out on to the dance floor and danced with our favorite men.
Had to snap a picture with this girl...
love you.
Lalee came and watched the girls for the weekend.
I think my girls had so much fun with Lalee as they both slept until 8:00 today....and that NEVER happens.
It's always fun to go...but coming home and seeing these two faces...makes it ALL worth it.

and we've been up to some fun things lately...
We've decided that now momma can get a picture of both girls, SMILING, at the camera....
we've taken plenty of walks...the weather has been so nice.
and look at that...sisters.bestfriends.holding hands.
and if we go for a walk, we HAVE to swing...
this is an EVERY DAY occurrence.
my girls have been cooking up a lot of things in their kitchen...
Eloise does the cooking...Emerson does the banging of the pots and pans. :)
oh goodness...and it's SPRING..
which means, it's HOT in HOUSTON
We've gotten out our pool and swimsuits and played..ALL AFTERNOON
and spring time means,
spring flowers.
Eloise LOVED helping daddy pick out flowers and plant them.
and of course our days are always filled with arts and crafts
Easter is on its we've been practicing hunting eggs...
Eloise will dominate at the Daingerfield State Park Easter Egg Hunt...

and lastly, I was able to spend some time with one of my former students.
She was on a mission trip here in Houston, and I was honored to be able to pick her up and have her spend the night with us for a night.
She was such a delight!
Here she is playing with my oldest baby.
Such fun we have had lately in the Bass household.
and is it possible that Emerson is having her one year pictures taken this weekend?
WHERE does time go?!


Sue said...

What a great weekend get-a-way!! You can def tear up a dance floor with that bear claw! :) In love with the girls spring outfits.. Best dressed sisters EVER.

Poco said...

Had a BLAST on the get away! Can't wait till Emerson's 1st birthday!!! Love all the pictures and post! XOXO