April 18, 2012

Lobie Girl

I call Emerson my "lovie girl" and Eloise has picked up on that. Every morning she will run into Emerson's room and say, "good morning, lobie girl!" I LOBE it! When she talks to her, she calls her, her lobie girl.
Well, this weekend, we celebrated our lobie girl's birthday. She turns one tomorrow....and let me tell you, I have been an emotional nutcase. I think I wasn't as emotional with Eloise last year because I knew that I had another baby on the way. But this year...I've been crying NUMEROUS times a day since Wednesday of last week.
Like, I've even called up Walt and told him that he needed to be cautious with what he says to me because the littlest thing could throw me into an emotional hissy fit.
So...Saturday we celebrated Emerson's birthday.
Her theme was
She's the Apple of Our Eye
it was quite the easy theme to come up with creative ideas.
Apples, right?
and I decided to go with the colors of light green, light pink, and light purple.
It was perfect.
We had great family and friends that came,
we passed out mini apple pies,
we had all kinds of apple food
and I had so much fun with the decor.
Also, I could not have gotten it all done if I hadn't had my sister and mother there helping.
Poco has now gained the title of my assistant, as she always gives up her time to help me get everything together...
and my mother was a big help because she kept the girls pre-occupied while Poco and I ran around like chickens with our heads cut off!!
So, this post is going to have lots of pics...
pictures from the photo shoot I did of our lobie girl, and pictures from her birthday party.

big sister helping aunt poco bake
the adult favors..
mini apple pies
party favor table
kids favors...
rice krispie apples
the cups...
i don't know why i love these cups so much,
but i do.
the apple oreo cookies
the mantle...
each apple had a monthly picture on it.
we had to have an apple wreath
the ribbon banner to dress up the drink table
the apples outside our house
"the" backdrop
her cake topper
my girls
my "bachelor" girls :)
me and my sweet friend, jodee.
momma and daddy with the birthday girl...
about to smash her cake!
the bass family
my trusty assistant/my stylist/my better half
yay for family!! we are missing our big sister, nichole!!
young love
me and great b
thank you for always making the effort be there to celebrate my babies
me and ashley
walt and his best buddies
and on sunday, emerson was baptized
we had tons of family there and our closest friends.
what a great weekend, and how blessed we are.

the family
the "wilson" family

the bass family
and some favorite pictures from easter
daddy with his little love
aunt poco and eloise swinging over at super nana and super poppy's
the bass family
after the church easter egg hunt
the cousins with the easter bunny
walt and i were able to enjoy a date night while we were home
eloise going on her easter egg hunt...
pops behind her throwing eggs...he had them stuffed in his pocket
and totally out of order but...
me and my sue...
what a friend...always there for my babies
sweet eloise with two people who spoil her rotten!!
someone was really enjoying the cake!!
so now we see why i've been such a blog slacker lately...eloise's birthday party in February, planning emerson's 1st birthday, Easter, and then the birthday party and baptism. I promise to be better now at blogging...since I have nothing else to plan for!!


Poco Wilson said...

Love all the pictures! Enjoy your last day with your 11 month old!! I had a BLAST helping out! You make it easy with all your creative ideas! XOXO

The Paradis Family said...

See, super mom I tell ya ;) Everything was so adorable~you guys did a great job!!

Momma said...

Love the pictures!
You did an amazing job....you and Poco! Your little ones are quite lucky to have such good parents!