April 1, 2012

always the teacher...

I love spring time. LOVE it.
However, spring time in Houston comes around in January and February and now it is really more like summer time.
I'm talking, I got into my car today at 3:00, and it was 88 degrees.
With that being said...when my children are just playing around the house, they are normally topless.
I figured that can't go topless for too long in their lifespan, so I better let them now, right?
As we all know, Easter is right around the corner...
so...why not incorporate a little color sorting and fine motor skills?
While Emerson was napping this weekend, I set out our plastic Easter eggs that we've been "hunting"
Eloise is pretty good about her colors... and she will tell you.
This is green, mommy, ohhh red...
So, I figured that we could learn and have fun at the same time....and I am always loving watching her during those "teachable" moments...always the teacher, I guess. :)
I showed Eloise how to pick up the Easter eggs,
So first, we just practiced picking up the eggs...

and then I would ask her to pick up all of a certain color...
Here she is in action..
pretty good for our first time. :)
and I had to add some pictures of her painting.
Eloise LOVES to paint, and would do it all day long if I let her...
maybe she takes after her Bambi..

on another note...
I can't quite figure out why the good Lord above decided to bless me with quite possibly THE messiest children in the world, but He did...and it sure does make for a fun time during dinner...
but the mess sure is a booger to clean up.
Emerson discovered pudding for the first time...
pudding and spaghetti..I think the dinner was a success!!
and little Emmy has been pulling up on every thing...she is trying to walk so badly...and she wants to be JUST like big sister...
I looked over today after lunch time...we were watching Tangled (both girls favorite movie...and probably one of my favorite too) and Emerson was eating a pringle...a pizza pringle..goodness I hope this girl doesn't choke!!
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and I LOVE dyeing Easter eggs!!
I researched on pinterest and found a version where they use Kool-Aid...while it really wasn't the best version, I wasn't upset with the outcome, because like I really thought that a 2 year olds, egg dyeing process would be pretty.
However, I don't think I will be using the Kool-Aid for next year's egg dyeing.
showing miss eloise what to do..
ready to take over..
which is how she is for everything we do.
"MY egg, Mommy. MINE"
putting all her eggs in one basket..
I guess that is acceptable for this.. :)

and here is sweet little emmy just on the move!!
They both are so much fun right now...I can't wait for next weekend to see what fun Easter brings!!
and my girls must take after their momma...
I think it is quite hilarious that eloise will now say, "I want Coldplay, momma."
these girls LOVE to dance, and LOVE Coldplay...girls after my own heart.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mrs. Bass! Great blog! Eloise and Emerson are so cute!! :)