May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Madness!!

What is it about Memorial Day weekend that just screams summer?
Maybe it is the fact that the entire weekend is usually spent in a swim suit, eating watermelon and Popsicles, doing things you don't do every day, and staying up way past your bedtime.
Yes, maybe that's it.
So, we officially kicked off our summer on Thursday.We woke up early, and went over to our friend, Jodee's house, to have some pool time.Carson and Eloise were all talk.
They both talked all morning long about how excited they were to get in the pool...but
when it came time for them to get in the pool, they were a little scared.
So, Eloise opted for goldfish instead.
these two buddies loved playing in the water last summer together, but now...this summer...
they clearly have a new teammate...
this bathing beauty, here.
So...Eloise was a little scared of the water and decided she would ride around...
but, she finally overcame her fears and played in the fun little pool.Thank goodness she got in because this was a great test for how she would act over the weekend.
On Friday, daddy took the day off, and Aunt Poco came in!We ventured to the zoo.Eloise is quite obsessed with elephants, and she was mesmerized by this elephant, Tucker, that was showing off when we walked up.
Here he is crawling!! Tucker preformed tricks for a good 20 minutes! It was a great show!!
Eloise loved the baby elephants.
and this one was having the time of her life just eating her chocolate chip cookies...and she definitely enjoyed the animals, especially the monkeys.
daddy and eloise playing the drums before we entered the "African Safari"
Eloise LOVED the monkeys...she is still taking "monkey bites" every night during dinner :)
getting a close up look of the rhinos
Aunt Poco was talking to Eloise about the giraffes.I think at this point they were counting the number of giraffes.
Their favorite part of the day.Eloise loves carousels, and this was Emerson's first carousel ride...she was ALL smiles, and I think she enjoyed it more than Elosie!!
trying to get a family picture...this never happens.
My two little monkeys, "going ape at the zoo!!"
So Saturday we loaded up and went to the beach.Last year Eloise adored the beach..this year, she was a little scared by the fact that the water runs in and out..every time she would ho out to the water, the water would run up to her, and she flipped out...just screaming all the way back up to the dry sand.It was hilarious.She eventually got used to it.
and Emerson...she loved the fact that she could crawl in the sand, and there was not any boundaries.
eloise and Aunt poco writing letters in the sand.
Aunt taking the girls out to the ocean.
The seaweed was HORRIBLE at the beach...HORRIBLE..but it was still fun.and Emerson was just taking it all in, loving it!

Eloise taking a break from building sandcastles.

and of course, after a day at the beach, one must have a popsicle...big lick!

on Saturday night, we spent the night at Pat's beach house..
his brother, Harry, was there as well...
Eloise has always had the biggest crush on Harry.
She is IN LOVE.

Harry was so sweet to take time out and play with her.

and this stinker...she decided on Saturday night that she was going to stay up until 12:30..
I guess because it was a "mini vacation" and she knew she wouldn't be put back in her crib...
girl just wanted to hang out!
she paid for it the next day though...she was sleepy!!

On Sunday, we got up and went to brunch at Hotel Galvez.. a fabulous brunch, I might add...
Both of my girls were very intrigued by all of the food...
they pretty much could choose anything...and they did...
I guess over memorial day weekend desserts for your ENTIRE meal is not off limits. is Eloise eating her cookie..

Oh goodness, is that cookie good!

And this is Emerson in mid chew from her 25th gummy worm

This girl ate everything in sight! the looks of it (oh goodness, two front teeth!!) she really enjoyed it all!!

She was one happy girl after her meal...

but, remember, I told you...she didn't sleep for long on Saturday...
so after she STUFFED was time for a nap on momma...
it's ok, I'll take a nap on me, anyday.

and Eloise and Poco were quite the couple this weekend... Eloise loved spending time with her...
and was thanking her here, for all of the desserts she let her get!!
Big ole smooch on the lips!!

and then on Monday, Walt and I took the girls to the Beach Club
They had the time of their lives here..
this pool was great, because I wasn't constantly on edge that Emerson was going to crawl right in..
It was like a beach, and the girls LOVED playing int he sand.
Here is daddy and Emerson

My girls, building their sandcastles...

slowly starting to like the water again...

Red, White and Cute!!
Happy Memorial Day!!

and I had to steal a pic with this little water baby!!

and to top off this long weekend, we are now watching my mom and sister's dogs for the next two weeks...
This has already proven to be fun...
Emerson LOVES feeding Phoebe..
and Phoebe has realized she has a new found love for Popsicles

and taking them ALL on a walk is quite the adventure..
but it is fun!

Elosie, did you have fun this weekend??

What about you, Emerson??

and the weekend ended with my girls loving on the babies..

Here's to a fabulous summer!!


JoDee said...

What a fun and busy weekend y'all had! Super cute pictures- as usual! Precious girls!

Poco said...

LOVE the bikini's!!! :) on all 3 of you! Such a fun holiday! THANK You for watching my amazing Riley! XOXO