May 14, 2012

mother's day

Ahhh. mother's day.
I've had 3 incredible years being a mother.
This year, was the first year I wasn't up at the crack of dawn feeding a little one that allowed me to have the title of mother.
Mother's Day 2010 (eloise almost 3 months)
Mother's Day 2011 (Emerson almost 1 month, Eloise 14 1/2 months)
Mother's Day 2012
A more refreshed looking mother, for sure
(Eloise 2 yrs. Emerson 1 yr.)

let's be honest.
you know what my greatest mother's day gift was...
I had my oldest come up to me, SEVERAL times during the day and say,
"Happy Mother's Day, mommy."
Oh, it warmed my heart. She even said it about 12 times before bed.
and my littlest love...
even though she is going through some HORRIBLE separation anxiety...I have to admit that it does make me so happy when she cries the second I walk out of the room...or if anyone else holds her. Sometimes, it gets overwhelming...but on mother's day..I just soaked it all in.
It was a great Mother's day weekend.
We went up to Dallas to spend time with my mother and sister
and to attend a very special friend's shower.
everything was beautiful.
Lindsay and Jacob are getting married in Cabo, and unfortunately, Walt and I cannot attend.
She had a wonderful shower on Saturday, and looked stunning.

Me and Emerson with the bride, Lindsay!!
This was also a great Mother's Day surprise..
a picture, with MY daughter, smiling?!! WHAT?!!
Lindsay was so sweet and let Eloise help open up the gifts.
me and the greatest!
At some point in our life we can all say we were "Wilsons"
my beautiful sister!
Saturday night was great and relaxing.
My mother just recently moved into a new home...
and WONDERFUL new home...and the girls had so much fun just hanging out in all the open space.
Little Emerson is completely on the move.
and she's a daredevil... she hasn't quite started walking by herself just yet...but she pushes this darn walker around
but, how can you not LOVE that expression??
spending some quality time with aunt poco
playing dinosaur
on sunday, we all went to brunch to celebrate my mother.
it was an experience.
walt and I haven't really taken the girls to a nice restaurant because it is hard with only two it was great to have 4 people there helping instead of just 2...and I loved getting the girls all dressed up to go celebrate their gambi.

what a wonderful mother's day.
and how blessed I am to be a mother and to have a wonderful mother to look up to.
Proverbs 31:28 " Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her."


The Purple Chaise Girl said...

So glad you had a happy Mother's Day!

I love your dress with the orange and turquoise strips! Beautiful!!

<3 Mykla

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this Mothers Day so special. I loved having all of you to celebrate with me! Maybe one day we can get the whole family together...we are growing so FAST! The girls are precious, Emmy and her stroller and Ellie with her Dora bandaid!! Come back soon!!

Poco said...

Happy mother's day! I had so much fun! Thank you for coming in for the shower, I know Lindsay appreciated it and so did I! :) XOXO