May 4, 2012

sidewalk chalk paint

I love pinterest for so many reasons, as I have talked about before... and here is another pinterest fun project.
It's hot here in Houston.
Like summer hot.
and I know that by the time summer actually does get here the afternoons will be too hot for my girls to actually enjoy.
So, I decided that yesterday we would make some sidewalk chalk paint and go to town.
This was SO easy, and SO incredibly fun!
It is 1 part cornstarch to 2 parts water...and then you just add food coloring.
I couldn't believe how dark the chalk showed up and how easy it was to just hose off.
The girls and I stayed outside for 2 hours, before coming inside and having dinner.

Here is the paint..
I mixed up the batch while the girls were napping, and then set everything outside...
I had paint brushes, balloons filled with paint, water bottles.
Eloise went crazy when she saw all of it...
and we had the time of our life.
It didn't take too long for my little Picasso to get started...

and of course Emerson wanted to see what all the fun was about...
I especially liked this stuff because if she decided to taste test it...I mean when she decided..
it was safe...not good to eat, but safe.

messing around with the water bottles

time to squirt little sister!!
whew, too much fun, she had to take a snack break.
trying to pop the balloon.
I can tell you one thing, this girl is not going to be the next Brittney Griner.
her over hand throw is pretty awful. :)
covered in chalk
note: put your children in diapers (even though eloise tried taking hers off because she hasn't worn one in forever) and I put on some nasty pants for Emerson so she could crawl.
Our bathtime was even more fun last night.
this is a definite MUST do for anyone with children...
this was SO fun...and it cost hardly anything!!


Lindsey said...

so much fun! campbell is so into painting and chalk now...this is a perfect combination!
hope y'all are doing well...miss you!

Momma said...

The girls are taking after Uncle Mack! Little artists in the works!!