September 12, 2012

When it rains, it pours...

What is the saying? Bad things come in 3s? And hopefully, after three things have happened that surely you have to have some good things come out of any situation. Well...let's see how my 3 "bad things" happened. 
Two weeks ago, on a Thursday, Eloise woke up and told me she put something in her ear. Sure enough, when I went to check, there was something there. forward to the weekend...we pack up on that Thursday to head down to Waco.  Baylor's opening weekend.  It was great. Walt and I made a fun weekend out of it.  Friday morning, we get up to go to the zoo.  Emerson currently had 6 teeth coming in, so I gave her some motrin, and as I am doing this, I hear:
"Mmmmm...that medicine is yummy." Oh no she didn't.  Oh yes, she did.  Eloise had down almost half of the motrin bottle.  I immediately picked up the phone to call my sister in law who is a pharmacist... well, she just had my little nephew, and was sleeping, so onto the next pharmacist, who then gave me poison control.  Thankfully,I have a "heavy" 2 year old, and she was fine. 
That was bad thing number 1.
So...we went about our weekend as planned.  Waco has a great zoo, so Walt and I took the girls that Friday. It was perfect. 
Here are some pictures of the girls..

 this girl LOVES animals.
If I had the privelege of picking out her career, it would be to be a vetenarian.

 Here she is, just content with life.
  They had wonderful kids' exhibits. Eloise jumping like a monkey.

So...we encountered this...
pretty amazing.
He couldn't get enough of Walt. 
Eloise, of course, was screaming.

 Since Baylor wasn't playing their opening game until Sunday, we drove down to Hearne and stayed at a friend's ranch house on Friday and Saturday night.
It was pretty relaxing. Eloise was loving all the attention from the girls, and Emerson...
well, she LOVED the animals.
I did notice the whole time we were there Eloise gripped about her ear.
I kept thinking she was pulling my leg or I hit the ear drum when I cleaned it out from Friday.
But...she was fussy, the whole, darn, time.

 Aunt Poco, spoils her rotten.
Game Day.
Thank goodness!
We made our first stop at George's
and even though Eloise was still complaining about her ear...
she LOVES George's...
who doesn't?
 Emerson's favorite is the Baylor Beggars.
smart girl.
 It was SOOOO hot for the game. girls are tough, and we made it through.
What a game!!
We were all so excited that football season has begun!!

 Like I said earlier...
Eloise kept complaining about her ear...
So on Tuesday, we loaded up to go to the doctor...
Walt left Tuesday for Alaska...
so it was just me and the girls..
They don't look too sick here...
Mom of the year, right here.
Eloise had a double ear infection.
I couldn't figure out why she didn't gripe at all on Friday...
and then it hit me..
she was doped up on Motrin Friday because she drank half a bottle.
Bad thing number 2.
So...we went home...and I fixed the girls dinner...and....
 7 stitches later, I was able to eat my dinner.
I was opening up a can of beans, and cut my finger.
It was fantastic.
Walt was in Alaska, I am home, by myself, with two girls.
Thankfully, I have such wonderful friends...
and my sweet friend Sarah graciously made her way over to watch the girls..
the shot hurt worse than the actually cut. is my right index finger.
Bad thing number 3.
 So surely after three horrible things,
some good things have to happen, right?
Isn't that how it all evens out?
Well, Friday Eloise started dance for the first time!
My little ballerina.
She had so much fun, and honestly, did NOT Want to leave.

 making sure I'm watching...
 up on her tippey toes

busted! she started playing with the hula hoops..
um, no.
 So sweet.
They let the girls free dance at the end of class, on the stage, with tutus!!
 and then we loaded up to go home to visit my grandparents, and Lalee and Pops.
But on Saturday, we were also able to see Gambi.
Gambi came home as well to see Nana and Poppy...
so here is Big E and Gambi at lunch.
2 special, special people!!
It was great to be able to see Super Nana and Super Poppy...
Nana and Poppy had baskets out...
little did they know the girls would want to hunt for acorns,
most of the afternoon. seriously? who does that?!!

  sorting their acorns.
 and I can't even begin to type about this one...
It's like over night she decided that she would become a toddler...
she's answering questions, talking up a storm, playing by herself for hours, her and Eloise have little games they play with each other...she doesn't want to be held..only walking...I don't know where the time went. In one month she will be a year and a half. Oh help me now.
 Daddy and the girls playing on the playscape.
Unfortunately, every good time must come to an end, and we had to load up to go back to see Lalee and Pops...that isn't a bad thing...I just wish we could take Nana and Poppy with us in our pocket. :)
Gambi tried to get a picture of us with Poppy...this is the best shot we got. And yes, once Eloise takes out her bow...her hair just stays there...for real? Who's hair does that??
I got teary eyed watching these two kiss and hug good bye.
Eloise has such a love for her Super Nana and Super Poppy.
Makes my heart melt.
 greatest hug I have ever seen.
 Then of course, it was home to more fun!
We went to the park with Lalee and Uncle Tucker...
as you can tell from the pictures, Emerson LOVES to swing.
And she LOVES her Lalee!!

 and Eloise was excited to try the big slide by herself...
that is a long slide!!
 of course, no trip to the park is complete unless you play some football...
 and reflect back on the time that we spent home.

So yes, I'd like to think that it poured in my life for a couple of days...
and now the sun is out.
Thankful for all of my many, many blessings.


Poco said...

Great post!! Made me cry at the end! Such big girls!!