November 12, 2012

This little cheerleader went to Baylor...

Well, Halloween came and went, and now it seems as though we are already into the holiday spirit. I LOVE the holidays, and I can't believe that next week is Thanksgiving, but I am quite excited. Cooking, being with family, watching football, playing's good.
So, for Halloween, the Bass girls went as Baylor cheerleaders.
and momma went as a Tiger cheerleader..pulled out my old pep rally outfit from my senior year, and have a Halloween outfit.
Halloween this year was quite fun, and quite different from last year...
the girls actually cared about the candy, and Eloise was really into going up to the doors and saying "Trick or peanuts!" We taught her to say this since she has a severe peanut allergy...and she said it at every door...and her sweet little boyfriend started saying it to.
Guess what?
We came home with NO PEANUTS!
I was extremely appreciative of all of the people because they really were very cautious.
Here we are ready to go over to our neighbor's house, Miss Joan....after that, we made a trip to Miss Jasmin's (their homecare provider) and then we went over to our 2nd annual Halloween party.
Me with my little cheerleaders
 She was super excited!
 Emerson LOVED getting candy, but thought it was extremely strange that strangers would open up their doors and give you candy...sweet girl, just stayed behind and let Eloise do her job for her.
 About to say Trick of Treat to her first person of the night...
 We love Miss Joan!!
 and then we went to Miss Jasmin's...she's so funny!
Love her bat that she put together, and don't you LOVE Eloise's makeup!? 
 Probably 3 of my most favorite people right there!!
 Then it was off to our friend's house for our party.
It's always so dogs, hot chocolate, cupcakes, lots of friends...
Here is my cheerleader with HER batman.
 Oh yoda showed up as well!!
 The crew...cheerleaders, olivia, superman,  pirates, batman, and a hippie!!
 4 sweet friends
 and they are off!!
 thank goodness the people in this neighborhood were nice...our children just walked in.
 Daddy waiting with Emerson because she was too afraid to go up to the door.

Halloween was a success...and our week was far from over. 
Baylor's homecoming was the same weekend.
So, we spent Friday down at our friend's ranch...and just had a nice relaxing Friday before waking up early to go to the parade.
If you know Emerson at know is she OBSESSED with animals.
I've honestly never seen anything like it.
This girl was in heaven...between feeding the horses, cows and goats...she was a happy, happy girl.

 And then there was Homecoming on Saturday.
We woke up early to attend the parade, then went to George's, tailgated and made it to the game.
It was a great weekend...
Here is Eloise and my sweet niece Presley...
They were all ready for the parade
 the huge Baylor balloon that Emerson was enthralled with.
I will admit I was a little disappointed in the floats this year.
But...the parade was still great.
Here is the Judge's Award winner.
 Miss Emerson tailgating before the game.
Loved watching these girls play...
They didn't care they were getting dirty!
Here we have one playing in the dirt, one feeding her baby, and one reading an Elmo book.
Such sweet girls.

 and Eloise randomly joined a group of girls doing Baylor cheers...
Here she is doing the "Y"... she is a cheerleader at heart.
 Me and my Fav Baylor Bear
 Sue and Eloise saying cheese!!
 The game was delayed during halftime because we were about to get a horrible rainstorm. didn't hail like they thought, but it rained..and our girls played in the rain, and had so much fun.
Thankfully, I brought dry clothes...
but they look like they are having so much fun.

 So...after the rain, everyone left..
and Eloise was insistant on watching the cheerleaders,
Walt didn't know what to think (this whole girl world is all new to him)
Plenty of seats were available, because people left... so we went right down to those cheerleaders in the very front row...
Both girls were amazed.
 and look who came to see Emerson...
THE Baylor Bear!!

 and then, the cheerleaers asked if the girls wanted their picture on the field...
Eloise was SOOOO excited!
She could not believe that she was with THE cheerleaders...
her dream came true!
 And this is how they were the entire second half...
 Once the game was over, they allowed everyone on the field...
Look at Eloise..strutting her stuff
 and daddy was SO excited to go on the field..
He was like a little kid in a candy store...
excited to be on the same field as his beloved think, he stepped right here....
 Following the leader...

What a perfect end to a wonderful, wonderful week!
My cheerleaders can't wait to go back to another Baylor game...and they keep walking around saying "Trick or Treat" thinking that I will automatically give them candy!!