October 22, 2012

Falling into FUN!!

I love doing experiments.
I love crafting, I love having two toddlers where I have a valid excuse to go and buy things where we can get messy. 
Pinterest is all the rage...and I have tried out some experiements on pinterest...and like anything
Some work wonders and others fail. 
So...here are some experiments that we have enjoyed lately. 
We went outside Thursday morning around 8, and did not go back inside for a snack break until 10:30...I would say that these 2 fun things were, in fact, a success. 
I set up one tray and covered the bottom with baking soda, then with old paint bottles, I put vinegar in it and mixed them with food coloring. 
I let the girls squirt out the vinegar and they had so much fun watching the fizz. 
This was Emerson's favorite.  She was enthralled for about 45 minutes...which is an extremely long time for an 18 month old. 
 If you look closely at her face she was almost through with saying the word, "WOW!"

 The next activity is "cloud dough"
and let me tell you, this has to be better than a sand pit...it smells good, and it hardly cost anything. 
You mix 8 cups of flour with 1 cup of baby oil (we used baby oil, but you can use cooking oil, if you are afraid your child will try to eat it.)
This stuff makes amazing shapes, and smells so good. 

 Eloise was so proud of her "cupcakes" that she could make.  This was Eloise's favorite. She asked to play with this again after nap, and even the next day.  She stayed in her "cloud dough" pit from 8:30-10:30... very successful. 
 And I had to include this in our post, because this is the first year that the girls have really been able to get into all things fall. 
We went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday and brought home a pumpkin to carve.  Eloise was super excited.  I drew out several faces for her, and lucky for us, she picked the easiest one to carve on the pumpkin.  They were so excited to do this with their daddy.  I think daddy was just as happy.

 My child does not like to get things on her.
She insisted on wearing her swim goggles and taking off her shirt...
I figued it was a win win situation...I wouldn't have a nasty outfit to clean up. 
Here we are about to draw the face on the pumpkin.
 and the carving begins!

 So proud of her pumpkin.
We asked her what she wanted to name her pumpkin and she said "poppy."
(She has a super poppy, her great grandfather) So...Poppy the Pumpkin now graces our doorstep. 
 Even Emerson was so proud of the pumpkin...although she really didn't care to help. 
 And we ALWAYS start off our Monday mornings with muffins.  We make enough muffins to last the girls until Friday... then Saturdays they are able to have doughnuts with daddy. 
Eloise LOVES to help momma with muffins, but today, Emerson decided that she wanted to get in on the action. She is getting so big, and talking up a storm.

 And the last experiment in this post...
It didn't hold Eloise's attention as long as the cloud dough, but oh my goodness...why didn't I know this before.
This is another pinterest find.
It's 1 1/2 cups of clear glue (we used Elmer's) and 1 1/2 cups of Liquid Startch (found in the laundry aisle)...you mix these two together, I then separated it into three bowls, added food coloring and we literally had slime.
It was AWESOME! and I cleaned the entire kitchen while they were preoccupied...like deep cleaned it. 
Emerson liked watching Eloise better...because she is way too much of a girly-girl and can't stand being dirty. 
 "Here, Emmy C, take some"

 She was loving her slime!!
 She was determined to make a jump rope... I think she did pretty good!!

 and of course... our favorite activity of all, is always reading.
I hope it always stays this way...and they stay this close.
Best Friends.
Do you have any activities that you just love?? 


Anonymous said...

OH wow.... you have the best ideas!!! I am so getting a pinterest account so I can look up more fun ideas like these. THANK YOU!!!!

Graham said...

Cute ideas your got from there! I refuse to get on or I would never work. Now I can cheat from you! The babies are precious! XOXOX

Robert Ferrari said...

Very creative and fun ideas!