April 15, 2013

Baby Evan

My last blog post was titled "April Showers"...and this would be why.
2 showers in 2 weekends and a birthday party for my, gasp, 2 year old this weekend.
But..oh how I love it! 
I really do.
This past weekend some of Sue's closest friends threw her a baby shower.
A "little man" shower that is.
Sue is having a baby boy, Evan, in July.
I don't think my house has ever been as clean as it was for the shower, AND I don't think my house has ever seen that much blue!
We all had such a great time, and the shower was a success.
What a wonderful time celebrating sweet Sue and her precious baby boy.
I was absolutely honored to be a part of it!!
Here are some pictures of the decorations
The Mantle

The "Little Man" drinks
complete with personalized flags and little bow ties

 The favors
which were my favorite!
I know that painting your toe nails blue is not something
that you would normally do, but hopefully everyone has the toes blue
that will be at the hospital,
and hopefully when all of Sue's friends come to visit, they will have
blue toes in honor of sweet Evan!

 The door sign
 The yummy spread
complete with chicken minis from Chik-fil-A because anyone
that knows Sue, KNOWS her love for fried chicken!!
 absolutely fabulous bow tie cookies!
 the precious cake that matched the invitation
 Such a yummy food table
 complete with non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks!
 Amy and Sarah
2 of the hostesses

 Little momma wanted to take a picture of favorite chicken minis with her sweet baby Evan's name on them.
Oh boy, Baby Evan!!
 Some of Sue's highschool friends from Lake Jackson
how wonderful it is that she still keeps in touch with them!
 Sue with some of her Baylor girls
 After we chowed down on food, it was time for a quick, fun game

 and then came the fun part...the gifts!!

 3 of Sue's friends from Baylor are pregnant as well...
from right to left
due in May, due in July, due in August, due in September
 Me and my Sue
So thankful for your friendship!
How grateful I am that our husbands are besties and planned our Italian cruise vacay almost 6 YEARS ago! From that point on I have gained a lifelong bestie!!
love you so very much!!
 Sue and Sarah...
look at that precious little belly!! 
The hostesses with Sue
We are ALL so thankful for your friendship!!
Sic'em Bears!!
 Sue Bear with her sisters!
The grandmothers, aunts and momma to be!!
They are all so excited for Sue
 Once the shower was over my little girls were allowed to come back home!
How thankful I am to have such an amazing friend that was willing to watch my girls ALL Saturday, while I got ready, finished cleaning the house, and threw a shower.
They did not want to leave her house!
Here my babies are right after naptime...they had have their photo-op with Sue!!
 And the greatest picture of all..
Sue with her momma,
and her baby's namesake
Love Mrs. Mirasol.
She invited my entire family over for dinner and to spend the night once Evan gets here...
I KNOW I will be taking her up on the offer!! :)
What a wonderful Saturday celebrating a WONDERFUL friend.
Sue, how lucky Evan is to have you for his momma!!


Momma said...

The shower looks precious! You did a great job! Sue looks as cute as ever....very excited for both of them!

Sue said...

Oh my goodness...how am I just now seeing this!!!! This post is the sweetest!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for throwing the best baby boy shower EVER for baby Evan and me, and for being such a great best friend. I love you tons and I would not know what I would do without you. Love you my merbear!!!!! :)