April 10, 2013

April Showers

It is not a secret to anyone that knows me that my sister is getting married.
She got engaged in November, which makes for a pretty short engagement.
She gets married in less than 2 months...
So, it's that time.
SHOWER time.
I love showers. I don't care if it is wedding or baby showers, they are just all around fun.
Getting to celebrate someone that you honestly care about, rejoicing in their happiness.
Showers are awesome.
And how I am glad that we have had and are having so many showers in our life right now...
it's like a built in party every weekend.
So, last weekend family members and friends threw Poco and Pat a couples shower.
It was great.
The shower took place at the restaurant inside the Crescent Court
friends and family (except family that is out of state, of course)
were able to attend, and it was just a wonderful time celebrating the upcoming marriage of my sister to Pat.
We had a fantastic weekend with family.
Now we are just ready for everyone to be together for the wedding.
Here are some pictures from the shower...I, of course, have had so much fun being the make believe photographer at all of Poco's showers. haha.
Lindsay did a wonderful job organizing everything...
her hardwork paid off, and she FINALLY was able to get a picture with my little Emerson, where Emerson is actually smiling WITH her.
 Me and Lindsay
Poco is so lucky to have you for her BFF!
 Made my night that my girl, Randi, came to the shower.
Even when we go months without seeing each other, we still pick right back up where we left off.
Love you Randi!!
 And of course I had to get some pics of one of my all time favorite couples!
I mean, I DID introduce these two to each other...
and YES, they DID get married.
Just call me matchmaker!!

 Lindsay with her sweet hubby, Jacob
You two are looking good!!
 Of course my girls came!
And Eloise was so excited about coming to the party.
Girl never wants to miss a party!
She was excited that she was able to drink sprite AND eat chocolate cake!
Sounds like my kind of party!!
 It's a Beta Sweetheart reunion!!
 Lots of great conversation was going on.
 This Mini Emmy was excited about the sprite as well...
it isn't everyday she gets to drink from a big girl cup AND have soda!
 I was thrilled to be able to take a picture with THE hottest guy at the party
Still thankful everyday that he chose me
 The bride and groom to be with one of their all time favorite couples!!
 It's not a party unless I can get a picture with the GUEST of HONOR!!
Love this little bride...and little is definitely the correct term...what a teeny tiny bride she will be...BEAUTIFUL little skinny mini!!
Who would have ever thought that 10 years ago when Walt and I were introduced to Pat that he would one day be our brother?
These two are the perfect match!
 WHOA...mother of the bride hanging out with some of Poco's friends...isn't she a hottie??
 Good friends and great times had by all

 Yummy cake!!

 Me and Ash!
Love you!
 Some more wonderful friends
 I love this picture. I snapped this picture in the middle of a "moment" that Eloise was having with her aunt and uncle.
This picture shows the pure joy that she experiences every time she is with them.
 This picture is blurry, but I had to have a pic of Pat's momma, rocking baby Case, and of course Mr. David (Pat's daddy) and Leslie..3
 Can't you tell it was a great time?!!

 The bride to be and the momma to be

 Here are the "brothers" about to take a shot.
Walt of course, was trying to ruin the pic.
 And then they rolled out the cake.
This was what my girls stayed up for... look at how happy they are

 Linds and Patrick... such cuties!
 After my girls had cake, they decided it was time to doze off to dream land..
they were so great, and I am so thankful that we brought them.
Talk about great, Case (my nephew) didn't make a peep. Here is Lauren posing with me because Case was already in dream land.
I had such a wonderful time talking with Lauren, LOVE our chats!!
 and she's out...
 and she's getting there...being rocked by Aunt Lauren
 soon to be Daddy Mckamy was taking in some parenting lessons from me.
 and this little love bug made Lindsay's night by falling asleep on her.
The shower was a success!! Relaxing, fun, great friends...best shower I have been to in a long time.
Now on to the next shower...this weekend I am hosting a shower with several other friends for one of my besties, Sue. She is having a sweet baby boy in July and we can't wait to celebrate her this weekend!!
And then the next weekend...oh goodness, don't even get my started.
MY BABY turns 2.
I can't handle it.
Start the waterworks now....


Momma said...

Photographer did an excellent job! I love the one of Linds and Emmy! What's up with my hair? I definitely needed help! :)

Sue said...

Looks like such a FUN time! So sad I missed out on such a great celebration. Can't wait for the "I do's"! :)