April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend

I always gripe about having to pack to go home, and then once I am home...I never want to leave.
We went home for Easter weekend. We went home for several reasons.
One was the fact that my Nana was able to go back home. My Poppy passed away in December from pancreatic cancer, and the next day my Nana was placed in ICU...a pacemaker, open heart surgery and rehab later...she is finally doing MUCH better. She still has a long road ahead of her, but she has come leaps and bounds from December 6th.
Walt was able to take the day off on Friday, so we went home Thursday night.
Friday was a warm day, that was mainly spent outside.
I got up and got ready for the day, did not fix my hair all day, I took a nice run at the state park, did not wear any makeup and came home and put on lounge clothes.
It was perfect.
Lalee loves to garden, the girls love being with Lalee, so they planted their first vegetables this weekend. Here they are with their little green thumbs.

Emerson trying to get her little shovel in there so she can help out!

 Lalee's two little helpers
 Eloise was so proud of her tomatoes and her mint!!
And, another reason why we came home was because my sister had her FIRST bridal shower.
Some of her closest friends from home threw her a bridal coffee.
It was a wonderful time. I was able to catch up with old friends, drink a great mimosa, and celebrate my sister.
I know for a fact that my two children ate ALL of the pigs in a blanket that were at the shower, but at least it kept them pre-occupied.
Me and Lalee with the girls before going to the shower
 Poco opening up some of her gifts!
SO fun!
 She was excited to get some of her dishes that she registered for!!
And this little stinker was BEYOND excited to be Aunt Poco's helper.
She LOVED being able to help open gifts.
 Oh, Emerson got in on the action as well.
 And then she got upset about something, so she decided to throw her silent terrible two fit.
She can throw some fits.
They are mostly silent.
But, oh my Lawd, can she throw a fit.
terrible twos are killing me.
 Some of the ladies at the shower

Caroline was being such a great hostess, writing down all those gifts!

 Super excited about her dutch oven from the hostesses.
We had to get a pic with the professional present opener!!

 Poco has some wonderful friends! Lindsay drove all the way from Dallas for the shower, drove back, and caught a flight to Corpus to spend Easter with her husband's family.
What love she must have for Poco!!
 Poco with all the hostesses
 Poco and her sweet childhood friends
 Momma, Poco and me!!
 After the shower, we all went over to Nana's and hung out for a while... then Walt and I drove back to Daingerfield, so the girls could participate in the church Easter egg hunt.
I must say, my girls were pretty darn good, for no nap.
This was in the middle of another one of Emerson's silent fits. She was giving me the stink eye.
 Pops was going over the "hunting" strategy with Eloise.
They had a plan...and I think it worked.
 Eloise was super excited about the egg hunt!
 My girls at the start line.
 Now that is sisterly love.
They were promising each other they would share each other's eggs.
They broke their promises. :)
 And they are off!
Go Emerson!
 Eloise has this egg hunting all figured out!


 Look who found the "prize" egg!!
She won a sand truck with shovels! Perfect for our beach club, and hopefully spending some time at the beach this summer!
 Pops and the proud Easter egg hunter!
 Eloise had so much fun hunting eggs with Lalee!
 Time for a family picture...
but, unfortunately,
Emerson is NOW at the stage where she won't look at the camera, and if she does...
it most definitely is NOT a smile.
Love my little family!!
Those two girls are such silly girls...
laughing and having so much fun at the Egg Hunt!
 And everyone knows, the best part of the egg hunt, is getting to eat ALL of the candy in the eggs!
I'm not sure how many pieces of candy she had had to eat at this point, but you can tell by the picture that her mouth is full!

 And of course there were snacks at the egg hunt! Eloise wasted no time trying out a chocolate cupcake...my kind of girl!
 Don't get me wrong, Emerson had to try it out as well!

 She was on cloud 9!
The cupcake was yummy!
 After the egg hunt, Walt, Tucker, and I went out to Los Pinos Winery and met up with my mom, Poco and Patrick. We had great food...and a lot of it, great wine and even better conversation.
It was a night out that I definitely needed.
Later that night, the Easter Bunny came to Lalee and Pops house...
 Emerson woke up first, and was so excited to see what the Easter Bunny brought her.
We then had to go frantically wake up Eloise, because Emerson could not wait.

 Eloise loves socks...she is admiring her "Tangled" socks that the Bunny left.

 Emerson has an obsession for monkeys...and she received an entire tube full of them.
I wish I had gotten her squeal of excitement on video camera...it was the loudest, sweetest, cutest thing I have ever heard come out of her mouth. She LOVED the monkeys.
Even Gracie was excited about Easter...kisses for Emmy.
It poured and poured on Easter Sunday.
The power went out, we had to all gather in the hallway, branches were thrown everywhere, trees were turned over...it was quite the spectacle.
However, we still managed to get dressed to go to church, and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
So that made Easter perfect. It was the cherry on top to our weekend.
I am thankful every day that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and that we are forever saved by his grace and mercy. I am thankful that one day soon, I will be able to dance in heaven, and see my Poppy again. Thank you God for sending your son to die on the cross for us.
And to end our weekend...
Most families have precious Easter pictures with their cute little family.
Well..not me.
Like I said, it was pouring, so no outside pictures..
and I have a sweet angel baby   toddler that is EXTREMELY independent and set in her own ways, and has decided that she will no longer cooperate for pictures...
SO...here they are...
My fabulous Easter pictures.
They planned this...these two girls knew I wanted pictures and they sabotaged me.
Thank you Eloise and Emerson,
your momma loves you for that.  
 I mean, WHAT is that?
Eloise is doing an all bottom teeth smile, and Emerson is literally giving me a face like she just smelled something awful.
  This would have been somewhat cute...if, of course, Emerson had decided to do an actual smile, and not a srunchy nose face.
 And this is it.
Bass Family 2013
This is as good as I am going to get, I guess.
Who am I kidding...I love these three people in this picture more than life...
so...this picture is perfect.
Eloise 3 years 1 month, Emerson 1 year 11 months
Easter 2012
Eloise 2 years 2 months, Emerson 1 year 11 months and 23 days

 Easter 2011
Eloise 14 months Emerson 5 days old
 Easter 2010
Eloise-2 months old
 Wow...looking at those pictures, Walt and I have AGED.
But yeah...I love Easter.
Hope your Easter was as wonderful as mine.


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Precious girls and beautiful family.