February 9, 2015

Aint no party like a Chinese New Year Party...

Cause a Chinese New Year Party don't stop!

Obviously Chinese New Year is comparable to Christmas in the U.S.  I'm so glad that we got here during this time because we have been able to see and do many fun things because of Chinese New Year.  On Friday night Walt and I went to Conoco's Chinese New Year party, which would be like Conoco's Christmas party in Houston.  It was quite fun and Walt and I both had a really great time.  We were able to dress up in full Chinese costumes, eat some yummy food, and we even were able to watch a Chinese opera.  As we all left everyone was given a present....a selfie stick! Just what I needed! After the party we went to a fun little Irish pub and had a drink before returning to the apartment.

On Saturday the girls wanted to go ice skating.  So after a fun lunch at a local restaurant called Wagas, with a new friend from Houston, we ventured out to what we thought would be ice skating.  Instead it was chair skating, but needless to say the girls had fun.  I was freezing cold, Avanell was freezing cold, Emerson was freezing cold, Eloise was freezing cold...Walt had the time of his life. I seriously think he would've stayed all day.  He loved it because he didn't have to wear ice skates, so the fear that he had of falling down was gone...he loved running around on the ice. 
My girls are slowly figuring out that they are warm weather people like their mother.  When I asked Eloise if she ever thought living in China would be her life she responded with this, "No, I never thought I would live here, and it is good...but it needs to get warm." She is her mother's daughter. 

On Sunday we took it easy and went to a little French Bakery to have cake and we ventured to another supermarket called Metro.  This will be our supermarket of choice when we need variety, no more Walmart for me....at least while I am here.  

This week in school the girls are doing all things for Chinese New Year.  I am going up to school tomorrow to help Emerson's class make dumplings and then on Thursday Eloise is in the Chinese New Year production...she will be playing the drums.  I love the subtle reminders I get that the girls are going to a British school: 
This was the email I received today reminding me to help out at school tomorrow...I am Emerson's mummy! :) 

All in all a very good week.  The girls are out of school this Friday 13th through the next Monday 23rd for Chinese New Year. We are hoping to catch some really great fireworks! 

And just a couple of fun things that have happened
*Avanell and I went to an electronic store to get a curling iron.  While there she decided to have a blow out in her pants, and mom of the year didn't have extra pants...so I just put a diaper on her. Within 30 seconds (no exaggeration) 7 people (no exaggeration there either) came up to me telling me she was cold (at least this is what my driver told me) They then proceeded to bring over a Dyson blade-less heater and put it right in front of Avanell while I was looking for a curling iron.  (Ive told you they are obsessed with babies) 
*Hardly any places here take credit cards. I've gone into two stores thinking they would take credit cards (Toys R US being one of them, as I have an almost 5 year old on my hands) and my driver has had to spot me cash twice. Embarrassing. 
*Emerson has tried every single thing that has been placed in front of her. She just found out that she loves Chinese dumplings! 
*Avanell has approximately 4 top teeth coming in. SO FUN. 
* Eloise has started reading... this has this teacher momma SO proud...I've tried and tried to upload her video, but I can't for the life of my figure out how to upload something that is longer than 10 seconds...any help???

Hopefully I will have lots of exciting things to post about after the "New Year" 


Bethe @ Texas Lovely said...

I sure love following along on your Chinese adventure! And poor baby (and mama) with the teething thing. And blow-out diapers... I don't miss that one bit!