February 15, 2015

Weekend wrap up!

It might be safe to say that the Bass family was the only family that celebrated Valentine's Day in Beijing.  I knew that Valentine supplies would not be very accessible in Beijing, so I made sure before I left to pack some things so that the girls had a normal Valentine's day.  I actually think they probably got more for Valentine's day this year because we wanted it to feel as normal as possible....so we spoiled them.  The girls ended up getting their first package on Friday night and this was a HUGE treat.  Their Lalee, Pops and Uncle Tucker sent them a package with Valentine goodies and the girls were beyond excited! Thank you to everyone who sent cards and for those of you who called! We read everyone and I wiped away tears because I am constantly reminded and grateful for those who love us most! 

Everyone was all smiles! They really enjoyed their American M&Ms, fruit chews from Target (gosh how we miss Target), new loveys, and new pajamas! 
Saturday morning the girls were woken up with a Barbie Deluxe Camper, some new clothes and brownies for breakfast! I honestly think the brownies were their favorite part! 
We then got dressed and ventured to our new little morning brunch restaurant...Great Leap Brewery where the girls had chocolate chip pancakes for lunch and Walt and I enjoyed incredible burgers and fries.  

After lunch, we decided since most people have left for Chinese New Year holiday it would be a great idea to go to the Silk Market and Pearl Market just to look around.  I actually had a really great time and prefer the Silk Market over the Pearl Market.  The Silk Market was extremely clean and it was all indoors.  It was so neat to see all of the different items for sale.  This is a place where you go to bargain for all of the "fake" things.  I am not a bargainer....I never have been, I never will be.  You tell me a price and I will just go with it...I don't know what it is but I cannot bargain like that.  Walt is a bargainer.  He won't budge. Our driver is a bargainer. He will tell you if you need to go lower. Those two together, you will walk away with a good deal.  They also have all sorts of toys here, so you guessed it...Walt bought the girls some toys.  It was fun to watch them bargain for toys for the girls.  While we were here our girls were once again a spectacle.  People had out their iPhones and they would walk around the booths video taping our girls just looking at toys.  It is so crazy.  I haven't learned how to say "Please, no video," but it is next on my list.  Everyone is so shocked that we have not one, not two, but three girls.  But like I have said in the past, everyone is extremely nice, and it helps having three cute girls with you when you are bargaining for things.  

Our Sunday was spent going to a lunch spot called The Taco Bar and to the fruit market.  This restaurant The Taco Bar is legit. I'm a HUGE Mexican food lover...I'm a big foodie in general, as I can see that the majority of my post talk about my kids and food, but y'all...quite possibly some of the best Mexican food I have ever had. Seriously.  Their guacamole was out of this world and the salad that I ordered was devoured in like 3 seconds flat.  This really made this Texas girl feel good...felt a little like home...knowing that I can come here and have a slice of what I know to be heaven....it made my Sunday. 
The girls clearly know how to eat Mexican food...all 3 of them LOVED The Taco Bar and we will most definitely be back MULTIPLE times! 

The fruit market. Wow. I am an idiot and thought it was just a fruit market. WRONG. This place has everything. and be everything I also mean any type of meat you can imagine just hanging there, everything. When you take a child who doesn't eat a lot, but loves meat (Eloise) through the meat market, it is not a good combination.  I had no idea that meat would be just hanging everywhere, out in the open. I watched Eloise's face in horror as she was putting two and two together.  Thankfully, she chose to eat her rotisserie chicken that we had for dinner Sunday night, but the end result could have been much worse. 
The fruit and vegetables though...very fresh. Obviously everything is fresh...even the meat. ha. 
And we were able to pick up fried fruit, nuts, they had grains...I even purchased a baking pan there. Talk about a collection of all sorts of things. It was fun, it was an experience, but I doubt that I will be going back. Although the fruits and vegetables are extremely fresh I like the supermarkets better. 

That is one really great thing here that I have noticed. The fruits and vegetables are so fresh. I think I ate an entire package of cherry tomatoes one day because they were so delicious.  

This past week in school Eloise and Emerson participated in many fun activities celebrating Chinese New Year.  On Tuesday, I was able to go to Emerson's class and help her make the traditional dish of Chinese dumplings. These dumplings are a staple for Chinese New Year.  This is what every family eats along with drinking white wine.  Emerson and I had so much fun making the dumplings, but the best part was eating them. They were yummy.  (As you can tell I am doing a lot of eating here.) 
And on Friday Eloise participated in her schools' Chinese New Year production.  It was so fun to watch her play the drums and see her with her new classmates.  The school production was so fun, and Avanell sat in complete silence for an hour just watching in awe.  It was the quietest I have ever seen her!  Eloise has definitely dove right in and made herself at home.  I am so proud of her for that, and her teachers have noticed as well. She was "spotted" and received the Star of the Week.  Makes me feel good to know that she has already adjusted so well.  

And of course my girl made the Newsletter at school....they know a cute girl when they see it and then I just had to show off her little award.  Proud of my two babies for fitting in so nicely.  

In other news, I stopped by our house last week and we are set to move in March 1st. Avanell and I are so excited because this apartment is making us go a little stir crazy.  

 In Avanell news, little Lady is finally really crawling. I think the marble floors had something to do with it...everytime she would really get started, the floors were so slick, she would fall.  But now that we can crawl, she is a little more independent, thank goodness, and isn't always crying for momma. Don't kid yourself though, girl still cries a lot for her momma. I told her it was fine, as long as she still wants to be with me a 13. Then we will be all good. 

One thing we will miss about the apartment (less than two weeks until we are out...not that anyone is counting) is the Children's playroom. The girls LOVE going in here and playing. It is really nice that the apartment provides this....we have had some fun times in this little room! 

 And let's not kid ourselves....I had to find a wine that I liked here.  Of course Walt decided that we should try out a wine called none other than "The Great Wall" and guess what...it's REALLY good! So...as of now, this is my wine of choice...so cheesy, I know! 

Can't wait to post more pictures after Thursday when we see the fireworks, I hear they are supposed to be incredible, and we are going to have a pretty awesome view.  


Becca said...

When we first moved to LA, we were at gorge beach near the Santa Monica Pier and Asian tourists were fascinated with Hollister. I guess it was the diversity of a black baby at the beach. They were going camera crazy and even picked him up to take a pic with him. Hilarious and creepy!