January 20, 2008

Am I crazy?

Several people have asked me that question since they have found out I am having ten 14&15 year olds over to spend the night tonight. It's our 2nd annual pom party. I think it will be fun... we will veg out, play games, I will get to hear all the latest gossip around Owasso High School and we will bond together as a team...crazy? I think not! Tonight should be a fun night... I've made the chicken spaghetti, Caesar salad, cookies, got the dip ready, and the parents are bringing the rest! When I checked out at Target they asked me if I was having a party, or feeding an army. For those of you that have ever come to visit...you know I like to go overboard!
Walt finally made it to Darwin, Australia. He now has a computer and I was told I should be receiving pictures Monday! Look back then for posted pictures of Walter, Brett and Flat Stanley! One week down... 4 more to go! I honestly don't know what I will do when Walt is done with this portion of his job. Having him home and never traveling away from me....sounds almost perfect. As for now, I just have to wait patiently for this year to pass by.


Mt. Marcy said...

hey meredith! ran across your blog and love it. sounds like you've taken oklahoma over :) glad to hear you and walt are so happy.

laterz, marcy

Lindsey said...


Your pom party sounds awesome. Can I come? I'm sure it will bring back some memories of MPHS. Hang in there, Walt will be home soon.

Natalie said...

Hey coach bass,
its nat(:
finally checked out the blog.
& love it.
The pom party was veryyy fun(:
hope to see you at the next game.