January 17, 2008

Tonight was my first time.....

Ok...I'll admit it.. I never thought I would actually do it, but after some convincing, tonight was my first time, and I actually liked it!
I experienced my first ever tupperware party tonight. I know what you are thinking..."Are you kidding me? She's only 25... TUPPERWARE?!?!" But in all actuality it was very interesting and pretty fun. Obviously I am trying to keep myself busy with Walt gone, but I would do this even if he were here. I learned some interesting facts:
1. You shouldn't put tupperware in the microwave. If you get that white, crusty film around the middle of your tupperware bowl, (or orange if you used pasta sauce) you didn't buy the real expensive tupperware and you shouldn't have put it in the microwave. Technically, you are eating tupperware. Harmless...it will just give you some "roughage."
2. Tupperware is CUTE! Oh my goodness I never thought anyone could have cute, stylish tupperware. I was so tempted to buy the pink and brown striped tupperware set, BUT I held back...I promised myself if I was ever invited to another party, I would buy something.
3. Tupperware has numbers on the bottom...so that you can coordinate all of them according to their height. So, if you were rearranging things and wanted everything to be even... look on the bottom!
I think I graduated tonight from Pre-tupperware school and I am now entering the "elementary" phase. I picked up a fundraising brochure. I figured that my pom squad could do some fundraising. Hopefully I will get invited back to another tupperware party... or I could do the unthinkable.... I could even host my own tupperware party.... it's something to think about.