January 22, 2008

I've been sucked in again....

It always happens this time of year and I always tell myself I'm not going to get sucked in...but I do. Yes, most of you know what I am talking about

.....American Idol.

I guess the past two years I have found myself getting sucked in because Walt is always overseas in January. But seriously... I don't know what it is but I LOVE watching the auditions. Maybe it's because I can't believe some of these people would seriously stand in line for hours upon end to try out when who on God's green earth would ever think they were any good?!? I would NEVER encourage any of my friends to try out if I knew that in all honesty they had no singing voice whatsoever. What type of friend are you? I must say after just two weeks, or 3 episodes I have already picked out some of my favorites that I hope to see in the top. I am an addict though and I am proud to say it.
On another note Walt sent me some pictures of him and his Flat Stanley. It is so completely obvious to me that Walt has taken some of these pictures. You see Walt is the type of guy that any picture to him is "Great." He doesn't wait for anyone to get into their position he just snaps the picture. You might have your eyes closed in the picture....but hey...the picture is great for Walt. I can recall hundreds of pictures that Walt has taken of me and my friends and he always says.."oh that's a keeper," and I get so excited about it... but when I go through the camera I am like, "what? are you kidding?!" and I must hit the delete button. He hates taking pictures, so I knew when he went on this trip the Flat Stanley pictures would not be the greatest. Needless to say, I was happy that he did offer to take pictures. I can tell what pictures Brett took...because they actually look good, but the pictures Walt took....they just make me laugh. I was talking to him on the phone today and this is how I compared it...
Me: "Walt... you would not like it if I showed up at your work with sweatpants on and no makeup. You would ask me what in the world I was doing."
Walt: "Yeah and...."
Me: "So, sweetie (no, I probably didn't use the term sweetie) I don't like it when I get pictures of Flat Stanley and you can't see him, or all you can see is your arm. These are going up at the school and everyone knows my husband was the one taking the pictures."
Walt: "Ok, I promise I will do a better job. I'm sorry."
And that is how every husband is supposed to respond. I've done my job...I've trained him well. Haha.. just kidding.. he loves me and I know it. How lucky I am to have such a devoted, caring, amazing husband. I am truly blessed... although he could work on those camera taking skills.

Brett took this picture...Stanley looks like he is sitting....

another great picture of Flat Stanley.....

Oh yes.. there is the arm.. you can tell Walt took this picture.. it's all arm. "that's a keeper."
My husband holding what I think is Flat Stanley
I can't actually believe they asked someone to take their picture with the Stanley's...I will give them some credit.


Mt. Marcy said...

I think the problem is Walt wants to be in the picture with Stanley.