January 29, 2008

And this is why I love teaching

Ok so 4 weeks ago all of my classes (I have 3 communication skills classes) started reading Mr. Popper's Penguins and I assigned every student a specific penguin that they had to research. Their penguin had to be life size and the penguin had to represent everything that they researched. Well today was the due date and boy was I a happy camper when the penguins started rolling in about 7:30. By 7:55 I had 76 fabulous penguins in my classroom. When I gave them their assignment I told them to be creative...the only rule was that it had to be life size. Sure I gave them some ideas, but I never expected this. I had penguins carved out of wood, paper mache, flip flops used a arms, a motorized penguin that could move his arm, clay penguins...you name it I've got it. I am so proud of my kids. What a great opportunity for them to spend some quality time with their parents. I just wanted to post some penguin pics so all of you could see how rewarding teaching really is. I am in penguin heaven!