January 13, 2008

Good'ay Mate

He made it! Walt called me on Saturday morning our time... Sunday afternoon New Zealand time to let me know that he, Flat Stanley and Brett made it safely. Oh the joys of marrying a teacher...my class read Flat Stanley and we did a huge letter writing project on it. (Flat Stanley is a story about a boy that was flattened by a bulletin board and he was sent to California in an envelope.) Well, my students sent out letters to their 3 favorite people hoping that they would take pictures with Flat Stanley and send them back to us so we could map out where all Flat Stanley has been. One of my students decided to send Walt a Flat Stanley. Actually, it was addressed to Mr. Bass...and Mr. Bass took Flat Stanley to New Zealand and Australia. He's been taking plenty of pictures with him, and I promise you I will post them when he emails them to me. I was even told that Flat Stanley went on the wine tasting tour with Walt and Brett Sunday night....sounds pretty interesting to me. Walt is 16 hours ahead of us, so it is difficult for us to speak everyday because of the time. He will actually start his audit on Thursday, so right now he is enjoying some time sight seeing with his close friend and fellow auditor Brett. I know I should be getting some pictures soon on what New Zealand looks like, so I will post those.
This weekend I had to drive to Dallas for a bachelorette party, yes it was fun, but the driving to and from is so tiring! It is much more fun with Walt in the car. For those of you that don't know Gracie, my dog has car anxiety and anytime she gets in the car she shakes the entire time...it is a traumatic experience for her, so needless to say, I hate having to drive with her. (Because I feel sorry for her.) I turned on my ipod and although I am not the "thinker" in the family this song came on and I have to post the words to part of the song, because it is almost exactly what Walt and I are feeling right at this moment:

Lonely, yeah that's the word
I leave my heart when I leave her
The days go on forever and the nights do too

One evening out on the road
A half a world away from home
I thought she was sleeping
When the call came through
I said, Darling, it's late, is everything ok
Silence took over the room

Til she said I... I just Love You
I Don't Know Why, I Just Do
When are you coming home
I'm coming home soon
And I just love you too

Lonely lets me be
For a while she sets me free
I close my eyes and I dream of her
She's lost in my arms
Her head on my heart
And softly she whispers the words

I...I just Love You I Don't Know Why,
I Just Do When are you coming home
I'm coming home soon
And I just love you too

The fact that that song came on my ipod shuffle the exact moment that I got into my car and started my drive home really put me at ease....This is the longest audit that Walt has ever been on, and although we have been away from each other for 4 weeks at a time..this 5 week stint will actually be the longest. It's gonna be a long 5 weeks...but hey...he's living out his dream right?
Since Walt is gone, living out his dream....I have enrolled in a running class with my favorite partner in crime from school. Emily and I start training for a half marathon on Wednesday. We are supposed to run our half marathon in April.... and I know that since I have a partner now I will accomplish this task! I knew that I needed to keep myself busy with Walt gone and what better way to spend some time with my favorite kindergarten teacher?
I will write and post later once I get the pictures from Walt... but like they say in the down under...
Good'ay Mate!


Katie Hill said...

Glad Walt made it safely! Is Flat Stanley kind of like the guy that you brought on Good Morning America?!?!