January 9, 2008

It's official

Well... The "Wilson Clan" is officially starting to dwindle. I could have guessed that was going to happen because my mother DID have 3 girls and only 1 boy. As of now 2 of us are no longer Wilson's...we have 2 left. Technically we will always have 1 left because he is the boy right?

Spencer got married this weekend and added another "Wilson" to the group. Poco seems to be the only one left, but I have a strange feeling she will be moving out of the "Wilson Clan" in the near future. So.. Spencer added Lauren, but the 3 "original Wilson" girls will soon all be gone. Let's take a moment to observe this picture in memory of the "Original Wilson's."
It's a rather nice looking clan I might add. So...like I said Spence got married this weekend and it was a beautiful wedding. I've never seen him so happy in all my life.
We were all together two weeks ago, but two major things have changed since then.
1. Spencer is no longer a bachelor
2. During Christmas you could not tell Nichole was pregnant....this past weekend, I was able to experience the cutest pregnant person in my entire life! How exciting it is to have a family member pregnant. Nichole looked adorable. Not to mention Walt and I are going to be expecting a NEPHEW!
Here is a picture of what the Wilson Clan looks like now, with all of our men and women in our life: (it's kinda blurry, sorry)

Obviously we have grown... we have now become the Wilson-Graham-Bass-Morris Clan...isn't it fun getting older?
I don't have much to say in this blog. Walt leaves Friday for 5 weeks... or 35 days, or 840 hours. He's going to Australia...yes, I'm jealous, but I will keep you posted. I am posted a couple pics from the wedding..and some from the ice storm we had in December. Remember we were out of power for like 5 days?
But anyways.. here's to growing older, becoming aunts and uncles and expanding the "clan."
Walt acting like a child...love it! Me and my handsome husband!
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Wilson

This is the ice on my tree.... so thick! The tree fell on the power line...it was like this everywhere
Tulsa's trees are demolished A month later trees are still left in front of houses