February 14, 2008

2 out of 24...

I don't know what it is about this season of American Idol, but I am hooked. Maybe it's because they are, "the most talented group America has ever seen." I've been obsessively hooked since day 1. Now that we have our top 12 girls and our top 12 boys I can't wait for next week to roll around. Tuesday and Wednesday American Idol have already been programmed into my DVR because I can't miss a week. As I was snooping around at americanidol.com I noticed that 2 out of the 24 contestants are from Tulsa, OK. Don't hate the 918.. sorry you can't be like us. I think this is pretty impressive....

We have contestant number 1...her name is Alaina, she is 16, (is this too young?) is the captain of her pom squad and loves Martina McBride (gag) and Keith Urban.
Then we have contestant number 2. His name is David, he's 25 he likes John Mayer (big plus), Lenny Kravitz and when he was in the 2nd grade his teacher Mrs. Gentry made him sing in the Christmas pageant..(good teacher.)

Now I know I am not originally from Tulsa and even now when most people ask me where I am from I without a doubt say Texas, but as I looked through the bios I couldn't help but get a little excited that Tulsa is represented. I'm down with T-town, don't you know! So, unless these two people really stink... I think I might just have to vote for them at least every week only because I have to represent the 918. (That would be our area code.) Although I do think that David should probably take another picture... I'm not digging the pose at all.... my personal opinion.
Another thing I noticed is that out of all the contestants, THREE, yes ONLY THREE are older than me. I find this semi-depressing in the sense that our next American "Idol" could be someone that isn't even old enough to drink, more less vote.
So.. I guess I am going to have to hold on until next week, I can't wait to see what Simon has to say about their performances. Let's just hope that we don't have another Sanjaya like we did last year. I've got my DVR programmed, and I am ready for the next American Idol... GO TULSA!