February 26, 2008

Find a Running Partner

Well, I am officially on my third week of traning with Fleet Feet. The program has been really good for me and I am so glad that I decided to join with a friend. We run every Monday and Thursday and then we are supposed to have an honor run on Saturday and a 45-60 minute walk on Sunday working, working out every other day in between except Friday. The program starts out slow so that you get a great basis for running. I honestly like this program and it is great that a friend has been with me. I am accountable to show up and so is she because we are depending on each other. We have endured rain, little sleet, beautiful sun, 20 degree weather and we even joked one day that we were "real runners" because we got our butts out there in the sleet, freezing cold and we didn't quit! Now there are some drawbacks.... 1.) It is a little crowded. Emily and I like to stay at the front of the pack, but so many people are pushing their way up to the front that we have decided we can lag behind just a little. 2.) Every group has the fitness "gurus" We have some people that like to get on to us if we do the littlest thing against the rules. 3.) Then there are the people who don't know how to dress. We have seen all kinds of articles of clothing. Lime green reflector shorts, too short shorts on men, hats that don't fit well on women, shirts that make women buldge out somewhere unflattering, but I guess I can be thankful we haven't seen anything that looks like this while we are running..........................................................................
I know that I am going to reach my goal and for that I am proud of myself. It's already February of the new year, but for those of your that made that resolution to work out... grab a partner and go... it is so much easier and much more fun!