February 29, 2008


So...I'm hardly even a day late, but all I wanted to say was HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA! My Nana is the most amazing, selfless woman I have ever met. Her unconditional love for her family is admiring and I know she will never read this blog (because she doesn't even have a computer) but I wanted to say Happy Birthday to her! She is the best looking 76 year young lady I've ever known! Love You Nan!


Northcutt Family said...

Just wanted to comment...I came across your blog from another's b/c I noticed that we share a name :) You also look so familiar and I see that you went to Baylor. I love blog stalking too! My husband thinks I'm crazy that I enjoy reading about people who I don't even know! Now I've got a new blog to stalk! :) Meredith

Northcutt Family said...

Ok, I totally thought that was who you were but I didn't want to say anything just in case I was wrong!!! I'm so glad to stay updated with what's going on with you! Still teaching? Congrats on getting married! You look great!

Amanda said...

you two look so good miss you Mer!