March 31, 2008

Air traffic control

Personally I think American Airlines should change their name. I consider myself someone who travels quite often and I can guarantee you that almost every time I have traveled SOMETHING has gone wrong. This weekend I went to New York. I left Thursday evening at 5:55...wait, I take that back, I was SUPPOSED to leave at 5:55. Of course, my plane was delayed and we didn't end up leaving until around 9:30. I flew to Chicago and ended up getting into the Philadelphia airport at 2 in the morning. Their reasoning for the late departure...air traffic control. Ok... so I will give them this. I got to the hotel at 3 and slept until I had to get up the next day, which was 5:30, and I then traveled to New York. (talk about tired) So New York was great, (more on that one later) and Sunday I leave with Poco and Matt to check into La Guardia airport. They were leaving an hour ahead of me, but something was telling me that I needed to check on my flight. Come to find out my flight, which was supposed to be leaving at 6:15 would not be leaving until 9:30...which would put me in Chicago at a time where I would have already missed my flight back to Tulsa. So, of course I am freaking out...hello... I am a teacher and my kids are taking a HUGE state test in 10 school days... I have to be there. I immediately find an AA representative and start crying, telling him how important it is for me to be there for my kids. He put me on standby (top priority because I was crying) on the flight leaving to Chicago at 3:45... sounds great right? No. We didn't leave until 6:30 and once you get to Chicago there is a time difference so when I got there it was 7:50. So I get to Chicago to find out that my 9:15 flight has been pushed back to 9:30...not bad. Oh wait.. then 10:00, 10:20, 10:55 and finally it gets pushed back to 11:30. About 20 of us board our flight for Tulsa at 11:30 which puts us home at 1:30, which means I get home an in bed around 2:30 and I have to wake up at 5:30 to teach school on Monday morning. The best part is, when I asked the AA representative what the problem was, they gave me the same excuse from Friday.. air traffic control. So.. I think American Airlines should change their name. I have come up with two options so they never have to "change" their logo.

1. Always Air traffic control

2. Almost Always have delays

At least with these two names you will know before you buy your ticket that you should plan on spending an entire day in the airport getting to your destination and an entire day in the airport coming home from your destination. I am going to bed... but will post New York pics by mid week.