March 17, 2008

B-A-Y-L-O-R Baylor Bears Fight!

YES! Those Baylor Bears are NCAA tournament bound! This is their first NCAA tournament since 1988....yes, in 1988 Walt was 6 and I was 5....I know for sure I wasn't cheering the Bears on, but Walt probably was!

We had to listen to the announcement of who made the tournament on our way home from Dallas, we were listening to it on an AM talk radio station and Walt was text messaging our good friend Max Jodry. This was all Walt could talk about all weekend, after our HUGE upset to Colorado in the Big 12 tournament. Every second he had to sit in front of the t.v. or look on the Internet to hear what America had to say about Baylor he was there. So, of course I would have suspected a better reaction than the reaction I received from Walt.

Now I'm not saying Walt wasn't happy, because he was....but Walt is the type of person that doesn't like to get his hopes he tries to play it down. They didn't announce Baylor until DEAD last...(my theory was that they wanted to keep us guessing because Baylor has such a huge fan base...haha) So after the 3rd round of teams that had gotten in Walt looks and me and says, "We didn't make it, you can change the channel." So when I actually tried to change the channel of the radio station I got griped at just a little because "there still could be a chance." See this was Walt's way of trying not to get let down, but still hoping for a good outcome. I was reading the text messages to him that Max was sending because he was driving and I did not want to hear his reaction if we had not made it. But when we found out we were in Walt threw up his hands for a 2 second celebration and that was it.

Now of course he is talking about how far we could make it in this tournament and he's been on the Internet looking up what everyone has to say about Baylor. I think it's safe to say that we are SO proud of our Bears and Coach Drew....we are a number 11 seed and we face number 6 seed Purdue in DC on Thursday...good thing Walt took Thursday off and I'm on spring break! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SIC'EM BEARS!!


kinsey said...

you just described my husband, our weekend, and our upcoming week exactly!! (i'm on spring break and he took thursday off...he even tried to find us tickets to go to DC last night...that's not happening, but we'll be at a bar somewhere cheering on the bears!) ha. my husband and i are friends of nichole and greg's...scott was in their wedding and i remember hanging out with yall at the wedding... anyway, love your blog!