June 1, 2008

My own personal Santa Claus

Walt left today to travel to Northern Alaska. He is basically going to be located at the north pole. This is the northern most point of Alaska and this where he is headed. So, my Walter Bass is going to be my own Santa Claus for the next 18 days. (maybe he will run into ole' Saint Nick while he is there.) I decided I would look up the weather just so I could see what he is getting himself into. I mean the hottest "high" here for the next 18 days is going to be 96 degrees. The lowest "low" will be 66 degrees. As for Walt in Barrow, Alaksa he can hope that the day he leaves it could quite possibly get up to 61 degrees, but he better bundle up because tonight the low is 29. This is not an audit that I am jealous of... think I will just be happy that I am staying here enjoying my hot, sun shiny weather!