July 5, 2008

Could it be?

People say as one gets older you start to act more and more like your mother..(father if you are a guy) I think I have skipped acting more like my mother and gone straight to acting like my grandmother. Now, don't get me wrong... I love my Nana more than anything in the world, but when I find myself doing things that she often does I can't help but wonder...Have I really grown up?
Just the other day Walt and I were doing yard work....I take that back, I was doing yard work, every time I looked up at Walt he was "acting" like he was fixing something on the weed eater.(He looked cute doing it though) After I was done with my fabulous mowing job I went on to wash down the windows, clean the rocking chairs and mop the front & back porch. That's when it occurred to me....this is what my grandmother used to do at my house and I thought she was crazy.
Seriously...mopping down the front and back porch? She knew what she was doing though because my porches look great!
I went straight from outside to cleaning the inside of my house. Of course, Walt conveniently had a friend come over so I found myself cleaning the entire house....alone. (He also conveniently left to go hit balls with his friend and then brought me home flowers as a thank you!) As I was cleaning the house I noticed myself doing somethings that my grandmother often does at her house too. Once I was done cleaning, I didn't want Walt sitting on the bed, (It was just made after all and he would mess it up)...and please don't sit on the couch (I really fluffed the pillows and made it look all nice) and once again these are all things that my Nan would normally say to us.
I think all three Wilson girls are turning into their Nana. When I went to visit Nichole her cleaning habits were just as bad as Nana's (that's a good thing), Poco has an obsession with her bedroom the way that Nana does and I have to do the outside of my house because I can make it look better than anyone else. (Nana is 76 and still does her own yard) And then there is my mother....she's turning into Nana and doesn't even realize it. (ha! ha! Momma!!) I guess it's a good thing that the original Wilson clan now has 4 Nana's running around....at least it is in 4 different houses!
You know the yard looks good!

Just a closer view


Grammie's Heart said...

The house looks great! Nana would be proud! :) I was laughing outloud at this entry.

Grammie's Heart said...

Sorry! This is Nichole I didn't realize I was posting from Diane's blog we just created!

Momma said...

I agree with Nichole. I laughed until I cried!!! We are all alike and that's a good thing. Think I'll print this off and send it to Nana. The house looks great by the way. Good JOB!

kinsey said...

yall's house is too cute! and i wish i had some of your nana in me...i'm the WORST housekeeper :-/

Poco said...

love the new page set up.. Its sooo cute, how much was this one?? anyways can't wait to see you.. miss and love you

The Bass Family said...

It was free actually...if you go to Fabulous Kelly under my Blog list...you can find her email on her blog page. She is SO good!

Yelda said...

hey mer! i love your blog, and i love the design of it, do you make it yourself, or did you get it off another design site? hope your well. love yelda

Amanda said...

Your house is so cute! I love it!

amanda marquis said...

its so cute it looks cozy from the outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
luv ya,
amanda marquis
formor 3rd grader
reed elm