July 9, 2008

3-Day Weekend

With Walt's family coming into town the day after the 4th, I haven't exactly been able to blog much about our 3 day, 4th of July weekend that we had.
On Thursday night, we had several people over to grill out. After we ate our yummy steak, we decided that we were going to play a game of Cranium. Why these people chose to play Cranium with Walt I will never know. I tried to warn them before hand that Walt doesn't necessarily have enough patience to play board games, and in between every turn he was up doing something and of course this annoyed the other competitors. Of course, when we won, they were even more frustrated because Walt wasn't giving his full attention. But seriously, who can beat Walt at a seriesof informational questions?
Corey and his date... they stayed at the start for most of the game

Brett really trying hard to figure out how we were winning

Friday, Walt and I went to one of our good friend's Shea's condo and grilled out once again. After we ate we all decided to go down to the river to watch the fireworks show. This show is put on by Sam Walton's (That would be the owner of Wal-Mart) sister. Man...does she do it up. It just so happened the Shea and Jill picked a perfect spot for us to watch fireworks...it was like they were going to fall on us! There was over 80,000 people at the river...and we were surrounded by all walks of life. It was great! We celebrated America's birthday with great food, great friends, and great fireworks.

The newlyweds enjoying the fireworks! We love Shea and Jill

Beth and Travis...adorable

Walt and Matt...gotta love Matt's patriotic outfit!

Me and the girls... obviously it is hot...my face is SHINY!

On Saturday, Walt's family came into town and believe it or not, I didn't take ANY pictures! We had so much fun though. We went to see Wall-e, I went with Walt's mother to get her hair done and we shopped, we grilled out hamburgers, Walt and I even took Tucker to Big Splash. Big Splash is like a miniature Hurricane Harbor...very miniature. I happened to run into 6 of my students there, and I felt very awkward because there I was standing in a bikini. I don't think it is time to start wearing a one piece, but if I am going to start running into my children, maybe I should have one handy?? I mean... it was kind of like they were looking at me in my bra and underwear... I felt strange.
Our 4th of July weekend was filled with excitement! This weekend we are off to the Rivers/Anderson wedding, Taste of Dallas and hanging out with Poco. I will have lots to talk about after this exciting adventure back to the greatest state in the U.S. of A... TEXAS!


Katie said...

Hello! You don't know me - I came across your blog from a friend to friend to friend. It's so easy to just keep clicking! Anyway, I wanted to say hi & tell you how to link a post (like you said for Big Splash). When you are posting, click the little link icon on top of the post. (It looks like a link of a chain) I hope that helps!


Geneva said...

Hey are you in town?? Edwinna & I are going to lunch on Monday (the 14th??) at 11:00 at McAlisters. If you are free, we would love to see you.