July 22, 2008


So, I totally meant to do this on May 22, but my sweet nephew Jack was born on the 21st of May and I was a little pre-occupied. Then, on June 22, I was in Daingerfield visiting my in-laws, so I was not around my computer....so NOW 2 months later I can finally blog about someone that I love so very dearly. I decided that I wanted to blog about this special someone on the day that she was actually born....now I know it isn't the MONTH she was born, but as you can tell, A LOT of thought went into this.
This special someone has been there for me through it all....break-ups, girl fights, stressing out over grades, throwing all of our clothes in our closet before our parents came to visit in college, late night Taco C runs, meeting Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, running the bear trail..(ok...walking and running), SING, ski trips, Theta activities, fraternity parties, break-ups (some of us broke up numerous times..ha!), graduation, moving to different cities, moving to different states, talking to each other on the phone when we haven't seen each other in months, standing beside each other on our wedding day....what can I say...we have been through the most memorable times of our lives together.
God truly blessed me with you! Who would have ever thought that freshman year sitting in our Communication class we would turn out to be best friends? I know I didn't post about you on your birthday Katie, but that doesn't matter because you are special to me every day of the year. My life is richer because of you and I appreciate everything you have done for me. I am so thankful that our friendship continues to grow even though we are so far away from each other. You know you are the only person (besides my family) that I actually pick up the phone and call. (I hate talking on the phone.) Thank you for always being the friend that I can trust, cry to and talk to. You are the true definition of friendship and I love you!


Richard said...

awww Meredith. You're making me blush! Seriously though, thank you for your kind words. I will ignore the breakup comment...let's just say I kept things interesting :) I love you more than you know and I am so thankful for the friendship that God has given us.
P.S. Where were we holding a snake?!?! I forgot about that until just now!

The Bass Family said...

Katie... we were at Cody's house...and we aren't actually holding that snake...Cody is.. look at the hands..they are totally Cody's. It was summer before Junior year. Love you too!