July 17, 2008

You Know School Is About To Start When...

So... I officially have less than a month before school starts...depressing in a way...exciting in another. I'm excited because my principal has asked me to loop up with my kids. Now..this is different than most teachers...I'm not just looping up with 22 or so of my children...I am the Communication Skills teacher, which means I teach Reading, Writing and Language...which also means I am looping up with ALL 76 of my kids from last year!! So exciting!! I've never taught 4th grade...I'm a 3rd grade virgin...but...I'm about to embark on a new challenge. Here in Oklahoma we don't start at the end of August, we believe in starting at the beginning...so.. I report back to school August 4th (yes, that is my 26th birthday) and the kids report back August 11th. Here are some reasons why I know school is about to start:

1.) I go into the local teacher store and ALL the new teachers are in there buying everything they can think of...(they have A LOT to learn)
2.) Walt and I go to Reasors... they have crayons.. 5 for 1.00 so I buy 48 packs... "oh," the man says, "this only applies to the first 10 that you buy." (I ended up spending 30 dollars on crayons)
3.) My dining room is filled with over 1,000 library books broken up according to genres. (Thankfully, I have an amazing husband who understands why I must do this.)
4.)I've already started making posters for my ceiling... I do this because my children often look up for answers... well.. Voila...there they are.
5.) I've read every novel we are studying in 4th grade so I can become "familiar" with the text.
6.)I have already purchased the new "Mailbox" magazine Aug/Sept '08 Intermediate and already tabbed my new favorite management tips.
7.)All boys and girls summer clothes are on sale.
8.) Fall clothes are already out.
9.) You can buy Crayola markers for a 1.00 a piece
10.) My principal has already called me to make sure that I am preparing for next year.
Here are some pictures of what is going on in my house...because... I am about to be a FOURTH GRADE TEACHER!! For all you teachers out there that really, honestly LOVE teaching...have a wonderful time planning for the upcoming school year!
(p.s. You WILL learn something from some of my pics.)
Here is the beginning of my bench....I had to sand it down and everything...the "bear" of course is for Baylor...since I am surrounded by all these Okies.
Not even close to being done... will post a "final" pic later.....
All my books.. broken up according to genres of course!
My Crayons...that I "thought" were ALL on sale. Thank you Walt!
My literacy posters...I laminate these and place them on the ceiling...when it comes time for state testing, I take these down, and the students look up and "visualize" what was there.


SZipser said...

Hi Mer. it is sad to say that i learned from your posters! I enjoy stalking your blog! I hope you are doing great!


Yelda said...

omg meredith, your so funny, this is all so cute. i bet your a super fun teacher!

The Marlows said...

hey - so let me just say - i don't evny you!!! thank goodness you have such a heart and passion for teaching - i have soooo much respect for teachers...now you might be asking where did i get this respect from...was it because my mother, oldest sister, and twin sister are ALL teachers (mom = high school, sister = kindergarten)...NO...it was because since I was a Dec. graduate I substituted for the spring semester!!! Oh my goodness, I had no idea how hard it was!!! Anyways, I just wanted to tell you I've never heard of the technique of putting posters on the ceiling...GENIUS! I always looked up for answers when testing - so GENIUS! Anyways, congrats on the upcoming semester Mrs. 4th Grade Teacher!!! Also, I think the stool is adorable!!! Love it! Have a great day Meredith!

kinsey said...

too funny. you are definitely a better teacher than me ;- )

Richard said...

you are the best teacher ever! i love seeing all of your fun stuff that you have and all the creative things you do for your kids. they are really lucky to have you :)

Geneva said...

I forgot to tell you, but Ridley Pearson will be at Barnes & Noble on July 19th - that's this Saturday. Pearson is one of the authors of the Peter series. I thought you might want to get your books autographed. I'm out of town or I would be going myself!

Hope you read this in time to make it if your free!

Jaton said...

Meredith!!! I love it all! I miss teaching so much. You seem like a great teacher, and your students are lucky to have you!

The Marlows said...

ok - so I know, I already wrote a book, but I just noticed your comment about my bridesmaids shirts...i had them made...i told the screen printers what i wanted - and they worked with it and tweaked it so it could work! i'm super excited to be getting married...i think it will be quite the adventure! i'm also ready to be out of alabama, because although I feel home for me is Texas, I know one thing, Alabama is no longer home...guess I'll have to see how I feel about Virginia!

BabyGraham said...

You are the cutest thing ever! I love the bear. VERY CREATIVE I would fail your class by the way.

The Turman Family said...

It is definitely that time again! I can't believe the summer is already over, but it is definitely time to get ready for the kiddos!! I hope I don't have tears on the first day this year! No tears last year so we'll see if I can be lucky two years in a row!! Good luck with your new teaching position! I know you'll be great!! Call me sometime when you guys are in Dallas. Love ya!

Lindsey said...

i love your posters for the ceiling. also, i am totally getting back into the mindset of starting back to school. my garage is full of stuff that i need to organize a little more.

have you done Great Expectation training? i ask you b/c they are based out of oklahoma and it sounds like lots of OK schools do it. anyway, i'm doing the training now.

enjoy preparing for "back to school!!"