August 11, 2008

The day of firsts....

Today was a day of many firsts in my life.....
First time that Walt has seen me off to school in the 5 years I've been teaching
First time that I knew 98% of the kids that were going to be in my class
First time to teach 4th grade
First time I have ever eaten lunch at 10:46
First time I have ever slept through the entire night the night before the 1st day of school
First time to be team leader
First time I have ever been excited about teaching in Oklahoma!!

Obviously today was the first day of school, and what an exciting time it was! Since I looped up with all of my 76 fabulous kiddos I definitely did not experience the "honeymoon" phase that most teachers experience for about the first oh 4 weeks. My kids just walked in my class like they owned the place, BUT it was EXACTLY the way that I would want it to be. They were comfortable, excited and used to the routine. I think this year is going to be just fabulous and I can't wait for all of the wonderful things in store!
I was rather excited when it was lunch time today. (even though I practically have Brunch and not lunch) My lunch and recess time is from 10:46-11:16, but I was super excited today because for my birthday my dear sweet (fellow teacher) friend Emily gave me the most adorable lunch sack to cart my lunch in everyday. OH the things you get excited about in certain professions! Last year I would bring my lunch to work in a cute birthday sack everyday and now I offically have my own lunch sack.....equipped with initials and all! She ordered the lunch sack from tatermash if anyone is interested. I personally think that lunch sack is precious and I am so thrilled that I get to carry such a fashionable AND washable lunch tote to the teacher's lounge everyday!
All in all the first day was great.....I think it is so fun to know that the kids are already asking me if I will move up to 5th grade with them! What precious sweeties I have! I truly am blessed!

Gracie giving me some kisses before I left for work!
Have all my papers ready for the 1st day!
My super cute lunch sack!
Another pic just in case you wanted it!


BabyGraham said...

I love it! You look so cute.. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the lunch sack.. I wish I was a teacher so I could have one. Oooh maybe I will get one to take to the office. :) Call me tomorrow if you can! Love you!

kinsey said...

so glad you had a good first day! i'm dreading mine ;-/

Yelda said...

your such a cool and hip teacher, my 4th grade teacher was an older lady, grey-haired, big glasses wearing, serioius and strict teacher! Mrs. Cox, the name says it all hahaha

Geneva said...

Love the sack!!!