August 14, 2008


In my previous post I talked about how adorable my new lunch sack is from tatermash. Well let me just tell you I am even MORE obsessed with tatermash after today. You see I went online after I received my cute little lunch tote and I looked around at all of their products. The one product that really caught my eye was the Fifi or Fido splat mat. I love my little Gracie with all my heart, but she is ALWAYS spilling water everywhere when she drinks, and I figured this would be the perfect solution and for only $13.00?!?! You HAVE to be kidding me! (ok, to get it monogrammed it is 8 bucks more, but come on!) Of course, I was sold and I ordered a "splat mat" on Monday. Well, guess what.. I GOT IT IN THE MAIL TODAY! I was super duper excited when I opened my mailbox and to my surprise was my purchase....MONOGRAMMED and all! I had to settle for the pink and white gingham splat mat, because I want Gracie to be more girlie than she really's adorable. I set the mat down and Gracie started eating....I think she liked her mat, you tell me?

Up close
With the dog food and all
Gracie didn't even stop to look at the camera
She loves her splat mat and I do too!


Richard said...

how cute! what is this made out of?? does it have a slipguard sort of back so it doesn't slide? i was just looking for a placemat last weekend for hana and had no luck.

Jillian said...

i love that- and i think i will copy you..... vivi is always getting water everywhere too!!!

Geneva said...

Ok - that is too incredibly cute!!!