August 10, 2008

Oh Billy

Every child that goes to Tulsa Public Schools will be dreaming tonight about their upcoming school year. Tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! This is always wonderful because it is a time for new beginnings. You practically get a clean slate and are able to start all over and achieve some of the things you hope for. I think tonight I will be going to bed singing that classic song sung by no one other than Adam Sandler.

Back To School
Back To School
To Prove To Dad
That I'm Not A Fool
I've Got My Lunch Packed Up
My Boots Tied Tight
I Hope I Don't Get
In A Fight
Back To School
Back To School
Back To School
I'll fill you in tomorrow on how the first day was....until then.....I'll be dreaming of lesson plans, chalkboards, sweet students and lunch menus.


The Marlows said...

have a great first day!!! :-) i can't wait to hear about it...although, my first last day back of law school - doesn't yield happy songs from adam sandler or sweet dreams...more like scary scary nightmares! ha! ha! ha!

Momma said...

I hope those children know how lucky they are to have "YOU" for a teacher!

poco said...

u erased my comment??

The Bass Family said...

I didn't erase any comment from you...never would! Maybe it just didn't post. I would love for you to repost so I can read what it said! I love you!