August 6, 2008

We're Almost Twins....

While growing up people used to ask me when my birthday was..."August 4th," I would respond. Then they would immediately turn to Poco (my little sister) and ask her..."August 6th, Meredith and I are almost twins," Poco would say. I would always think, "Almost twins, yeah right, by like 3 years and 2 days." Of course Poco didn't understand this until we were older. But, I honestly think that since Poco thought this she felt like we shared a special bond... I mean, WE were ALMOST TWINS, right?
My relationship with every sibiling in my family is amazing and different at the same time. Poco and I were always involved in the same things. Since we practically shared a birthday our birthday parties were always back to back. We were on the same drill team, we cheered together, we went to college together, she lived in my old apartment, and I was even Poco's pledge trainer when she pledged the same sorority as me. (Like she even had a chance to go anything else...ha!) Poco and I talk on the phone every day and I can honestly say that she is one of the greatest gifts in my life.
My life has been richly blessed by my "almost twin." I think one of the greatest compliments that I have ever received is being told that I look like Poco. Not only is Poco beautiful inside and out, but she has the biggest heart and the most wonderful listening ear. Happy Birthday to my sweet, dear, almost twin. Today is amazing, because today is the day that I met YOU and you are one of the most exceptional people God has ever placed in my life! I love you!!
Since we were "Twins" it was only appropriate to dress the same at our swim birthday parties!

Opening up presents for our birthdays!

At the beach celebrating our birthdays

This was in San Antonio and we both won first place in our age group for our dance solos.

At our favorite place....the beach!

see... we liked to dress alike...just kidding...this was before our older sis Nichole got married!


BabyGraham said...

You both look so pretty in each picture! I love you both and hope both birthdays were great! Love your almost not twin but sister!

Poco said...

Thanks mer.. I love you so much and if I had a blog page I would post a whole blog about you and how amazing you are!! I love you.. come see me soon please

Jessica said...

Hi Meredith - I am blog stalking you and thought I would tell you how sad I am that your summer is over :( Good luck in school this year. Happy Birthday to you!!!
Jess Trent