September 1, 2008

Have Some Fun With Your 411

What To Do:

1. Multiply the first three digits of your phone number (not your area code) by 80.
2. Add 1
3. Multiply by 250
4. Add the number formed by the last four digits of your phone number
5. Add that four-digit number again.
6. Subtract 250
7. Divide By 2

What number did you get?


BabyGraham said...

You are a dork but I love you! Tell me you did not figure that one out on your own! :) Just kidding! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Neato! I might steal this. I think your blog is confused about where I am. Yesterday I logged in from the STL airport and it said Chicago. Now I'm in Lexington and it says Rossville, Illinois. I'll keep trying. . .