September 3, 2008

Puberty....It's a comin...

Just wanted to let everyone know that I can totally post this blog and not get in trouble. The following story is about a student in my class...his mom teaches at my school, and she is fully aware that this story is being posted on my blog. (I took all the precautions!)

Oh today was a regular Wednesday morning, but around 7:25 my whole day was "made" when one of my precious students came running into my room...I am going to try to describe the whole thing in full detail:
I was at the chalkboard writing down the agenda for the day when one of my students ran into my class.
"Good morning Mrs. Bass"
"Well, good morning Mr. Randell."

"Mrs. Bass, I gotta show you something."
At this point my sweetheart proceeds to bend down on one knee, and as I look closely I can tell that he is pulling his leg hair.
"See that? It's LONG leg hair, Mrs. Bass."
He says this with a smile that I have only seen come across his face several times in the two years that I have known him.

"Oh, and what does that mean Mr. Randell?"
He stands back up on both feet and sticks out his chest and says oh so proudly...
"Puberty.....(at this point his chest is out and he is walking out my door.) It's a comin!"
Oh my gosh! I just died laughing...this made my entire day!
The things 4th graders think about....when all I want is for them to stay this sweet age forever!


kinsey said...

love it!

BabyGraham said...

I love this! It is times like this I am jealous I don't work with kids!