September 4, 2008

Remember When.....

Remember when you were in higschool and you and your girlfriends would get together to plan outfits? When you would show up at school the next day you would totally act like it was an accident? Well... this actually happened to me. I don't usually set out my clothes the night before, but I decided that on this particular day I would. I got up the next day, put on my cute white skirt (this was before Labor Day), cute green cardigan from JCrew, and of course my pearls. I went to school and Emily walked into my room....and what do you know... we were wearing practically the SAME OUTFIT! Ok...same colors and exact same skirt. Of course everyone asked us if we planned it, and when we told them no, no one believed us. I guess that this just goes to show that I spend quite a lot of time with this girl.... so much time with her that we have even started thinking alike.'s a good thing though!
(sorry that the quality is SO bad... I only had a disposable camera on me!)