November 9, 2008

Just a little recap....

In my marriage Walt is definitely the "neater" one. Now I am not "dirty" by any means, I am just "unorganized." I have a serious problem with my closet. I look in my closet and there are tons of clothes, but some mornings I just can't find anything to wear. So, when I put on an outfit and I don't like it....I take it off and throw it on the floor. Why don't I hang it back up, you ask? Because I don't have enough time in the mornings. So... come Friday night I always pick up my clothes. This really annoys Walt....majorly. But, since he has been gone for a month now, I've kind of just really let it go....and by letting "it" go, I mean this: Sunday is going to be spent picking up my closet and "restoring it" back to it's original form BEFORE Walt left. I figure since he is coming home THURSDAY, I should probably start now. I am going to have to exhibit a little bit of self control all week and actually hang my clothes back on hangers so I am not just re-doing this on Thursday night before he gets home.

On another note....I finally got my computer back. I have nothing on my computer, they had to erase everything, but at least our documents were saved to several CDs. Last weekend my mom came in town for Halloween. On Friday we went shopping, went to a little wine bar,then ordered some sushi. The place where we ordered sushi is kind of comical. The place is called Bill and Ruth's Sub Sandwiches. They serve gyros, chili, subs and SUSHI...but the sushi is AMAZING! We then came home and answered the door for trick or treaters. Gracie was hilarious. I told you in a couple post back that she hates wearing costumes. So when I put the tutu on her she pretended like her back left leg was whenever she would walk she would lift up her leg and limp. She was not hurt at all, she is just a drama queen and did not want to wear the costume. Phoebe of course loved her costume and all the people that came to the door.
Saturday morning we sat out on the porch and drank coffee and then went shopping again. We had dinner at KEO an Indian/Cambodian restaurant and then went and had massages, courtesy of Walt. They were great! Thank you Walt! After that we went out with some friends and stayed out until the wee hours of the night. Thank you mom for coming! I love you so much!

Mom and I were shopping and this is what we saw outside one of the stores! SO adorable!

Look closely at the menu... this was the sushi restaurant!

Gracie with her famous leg pose...she really thought I was going to take that off of her!

Miss Phoebe... THE Texas Longhorn!! Hook 'Em!

Before our fabulous massages!

Me and momma out for the night!

Mom's future husband?? Nah!!

Me with one of my best friends...BRADLEY!!!

Mom was having such a good time!!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm Can I have a Big John Gyro and some California Rolls...Thank you for cleaning up the closet----you can do it just take the shirt/blouse and put it on a hanger ---You can do this!!!

I love you,

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I NEED to send you a picture of my closet. Then Walt won't complain about yours. My pile of clothes comes up to my knees at least. Cleaning out my closet and donating clothes is going to be my big project over Christmas break.

Nicole M Wood said...

BLAH, I am dying laughing that your closet looks just like mine, and our husbands say the SAME thing. They don't understand how hard it is....

It looks like you and your mom had a blast. Mom memories are one of my favorites.

Jenny M said...

I have an entire guest bedroom that looks like the floor of your closet (maybe 10 times worse!)- and how funny, I also try/start/plan to clean it up on Friday nights!