November 10, 2008

A Tribute to MY husband!

It isn't officially Walt's birthday here in USA; however, it IS Walt's birthday in Indonesia, (his birthday is November 11th)and, I figured I should post a blog about him when he can read it... this is HIS birthday right?

Today my sweet husband turned 27! Oh-MA-GASH did you say TWENTY-SEVEN?!?! It's hard to believe that the very first birthday Walt and I spent together I had just turned NINETEEN and Walt was turning the BIG 2-0! I remember thinking we were SOOOOO old back then. Seven years later who would have ever thought that I would STILL be celebrating birthdays with that hunk that I saw out at Beta/Theta float?? The hunk that is located right here:
Yes... I fell in love with that man right there... the one wearing the bear suit..the one with the horrible, yet oh so familiar East Texas accent and I've been the luckiest girl in the world ever since he came all the way up from Daingerfield to Waco and got his first speeding ticket just to see me!
I hate the fact that I can't celebrate your birthday with you today Walt. You have given me so many reasons to celebrate and be completely happy.

Whether it was watching your infamous dance moves

Being right there when you decided to do something spontaneous

Being the lucky one that was able to see all of God's glory with you

Experiencing your many different ways that you "grill"

Taking those short "naps" with you

Wondering how in the world it could ever take someone 1 hr. to weed-ed

Making you wear make-up

Watching you love on your "daughter"

Drinking wine with you

or living in forever with you
You Walt are an amazing man. You have always been there to support me, (and my shopping habits) comfort me and you are an incredible gift of God. I am truly thankful for all the many ways that you have blessed my life. You are the greatest gift that I have ever been given and I hope that I bring you as much happiness as you bring me. I love Walt and I hope that you take some time out to celebrate YOU today....because you have touched so many people's lives. You are a real blessing. Thank you for being the head of our household and for always making my days better than the one before it. I love you more today than yesterday....but not as much as tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
**stay tuned for pics from the murder mystery party we are hosting on saturday in honor of walter's birthday! 26 people over for a dinner.. what was I thinking???


BabyGraham said...

You can be my wife! You are the sweetest! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALTER! We love you and love the pictures! Love Greg, Nichole, and Jack

Mc Allen said...

Awwww, ya'll are just soooo cute!! I love all your pic's of your life together, what a sweet pair you seem. Its ovbious how much you love each other and such a blessing to see!!! Happy birthday walter!! I love the blog, be back to check it out again!! LA

Yelda said...

your so sweet Meredith, i haven't meet Walt before..i think, but he is a really really lucky guy to have you! loved the pics from Ephesus! happy birthday Walt!

Emily said...

your birthday post are always soo darling! have fun at your birthday party saturday!!

Sharon Howard said...

Hey Girl! you are truly an amazing writer....I miss you and hope you are doing well...From the looks of it you are making a real home in the big OK...One day you'll be rooting for my SOONERS! lOVE YA...