January 19, 2009

Dance Dance Revolution

This weekend Walt and I made the road trip BACK down to Dallas for a wedding shower. The wedding shower was for one of our favorite couple friends. This shower was in honor of Matt and Sue... we went on a Greek cruise with Matt and Sue back in 2007 and we are so incredibly blessed by their friendship.

The top picture was the 4 of us in Ephesus, Turkey and the picture above was taken in Florence, Italy.

So, Walt and I arrived on Friday night. We crashed, once again, at Poco's house...although her apartment had flooded several hours earlier (we're talking 4 inches of water here)..she made sure that the the bedroom we were staying in was dry enough for us. Thank you Poco for always accommodating us!
Saturday, Walt ventured to Baylor to watch the Bears play Oklahoma State. I can't even imagine how great Walt felt getting to cheer on the Bears, experience the victory and say that we "reside" in Oklahoma and WE beat the Pokes. It's not very often that, that happens for us Bears! I stayed in Dallas and went shopping with my mother, Poco and one of my closest friends, Mindy.
Saturday night we went to the successful shower for Matt and Sue. The shower was held at Vino 100. This is a precious little wine bar. It was great to see so many friends that Walt and I don't always get to see. Around 10:30, Sue decided that she wanted to go dancing! And that is just what we did... hey, she is the Bride-to-Be... she can decide anything!! We had so much fun! I can't even remember the last time Walt and I went dancing...so, we went all out. Dance, Dance Revolution 2009!! I had to take some pictures because I don't think I have ever seen Walt "bust a move" like he did this weekend. Needless to say, we closed the place down, and had a blast.

Me and Ashley at Vino 100. So glad she was there to keep me company!!

Me with the TWO brides to be!! Their weddings are only 1 week apart!!
Me and the groom... Mr. McKamy... or Sammy Slick, for those of you who read about Walt's birthday

Warning...the next several pictures are of my dear, sweet, loving, incredibly fun husband! He only dances every once in a blue moon... so these pictures are worth more than anything!!

Me being the sorority girl that I am... I had to take a picture of Walt and Tyler... OR should I say of Walt and his Great Grand Little.. in his fraternity! HA!
So happy that I finally got to snag a dance with the "dancing queen!" Cue Mamma Mia music right now!
On Sunday, we drove back to Tulsa and went to the Martin Luther King celebration. Back in November there was a Martin Luther King speech contest and I helped one of my students prepare for it... well, she won! This past Thursday there was a dinner kicking off the MLK celebrations and she performed her speech there, she also said her speech last night at the celebration...she was featured on the news. You can follow this link to see her. I have never been more proud to be a teacher, than I was last night! She is absolutely amazing!
We had a fabulous weekend...celebrating with friends, celebrating an amazing man's life, celebrating a young girl's dream to change the future,and celebrating the change that America is going to see starting tomorrow.


BabyGraham said...

Love the pics! What a cute husband and a cute student!!!

Sue said...

Thanks for the sweet call out, Mer! We love you guys so much. I had so much fun with you and that dancing queen of yours!! Dance Dance Revolution at its best!! LOVE IT!

Yelda said...

your such the stellar teacher, your breeding winners! And Hey you never comment on my blog!! >:[

Kinsey said...

Hey! It was so good to see you and Walt the other night! I am going to send you some pics for our blog header soon! We are getting family pictures taken this weekend, so I am planning on taking some pics of the little man then!