January 21, 2009

Several Things....

What a nice surprise I received yesterday when I went and checked my mail....
I recently redid Kinsey's blog (see sidebar under Kinsey and Scott) and when I went to the mail yesterday I had this:

Kinsey...YOU ARE TOO SWEET!! You did NOT need to send me the adorable thank you cards and the wonderful gift card. Thank you so much for doing that and for making my day!

For those of you that are waiting for me to do you a blog header, I promise I will get to them before the end of next week. This has been my week:
Saturday: Wedding Shower in Dallas
Sunday: Interfaith Celebration Service for MLK
Monday: Designer Showcase Meeting
Tuesday: (ok, this was my day off... I watched a movie with my husband)
Wednesday: Global Gardens meeting and Junior League Meeting
Thursday: Haircut and Yoga
Friday: Head to Daingerfield for brother in law and soon to be sister in law's wedding showers
SO... I promise I will have your headers done by next week!! It's just been BUSY lately.

Please go back up to my schedule though and look at Thursday. Let me let you in on a secret... Yoga was NOT my idea. Although I have wanted to try Yoga out for sometime, I have never gone. On Monday I received a phone call from Walt (the most unflexible person that I know) telling me that HE wanted to try out Yoga. Now if you know Walt you know that he is going to go and try this out...he'll give it one try, HATE it and we will never go back again. I can't imagine Walt in ANY of these poses... the over 6 foot tall man that he is...

I can assure you though that I will make him wear those tight looking pants and he will be the hottest man in the room. Stay tuned for an update on the "Yoga" trial... Can't you just picture it now..... OH WALTER.


kinsey said...

i've been wondering if you'd gotten the package yet! i thought for sure it would have been there last week! glad to know it made it :-) and you are MORE than welcome. it is the least i could do for you!

BabyGraham said...

I can't wait to hear about YOGA! Tell me all about it! Call me this weekend. Also- DeLayne tagged us on her blog. What do we do? Write on honesty?

The Zipser Family said...

Hi! Thanks for the offer to help makeover my blog! When you get a break, there is no rush,,I am still figuring out this whole blogging thing! Have a great week

Jenny M said...

Your blog measures up....see my blog for details :)

Anonymous said...

hey meredith!
i love your blog! you write with such personality, i love it!