January 29, 2009

Don't eat the yellow snow.....

Miss Gracie finally made her debut yesterday...she finally ventured out in the snow. We had this nice beautiful white lawn and then all of a sudden she stopped and did this: Can you see that?!? She definitely made the snow yellow!

Look at her adorable little trail. I don't think there could be anything cuter than this:

She definitely looks like she owns the runway here:

Well, the snow and ice are finally melting away and we will FINALLY be back to school tomorrow. As I am typing this it sounds as if someone is stomping on my roof because the ice is breaking away quickly and melting. I'm not gripping about staying home for 3 days this week, but when you are "stuck" inside your house, (maybe because I'm a Texas girl and don't know how to drive, maybe because I live on a hill....pick whichever excuse you want) you start to get a little restless after 72 hours plus of staying inside the house.
I do have a little bit of mixed emotions right now though. On Monday Walt leaves to go to Kenai, Alaska for a month. (Well according to Walt 25 days doesn't technically count as a month.) I'm sad of course that he is leaving....who wouldn't want Walt at home all the time? I mean seriously, who wouldn't miss this face kissing them every night before going to bed?
I am NOT jealous of him though. Sure he will get to see beautiful scenery, but the weather will be COLD!
So... why the mixed emotions you ask? (I know you were thinking that.) Yes, I am sad that Walt is leaving, but I am also OH SO EXCITED... SEE?? Why the excitement? Oh, nothing big really. Just the small fact that MY BEST FRIEND IS COMING TO SEE ME IN A WEEK!!Oh yes... it will be great! A reunion actually. We haven't seen each other since she got married on May 5th of 2007! That's right...almost TWO YEARS! Not to worry... it won't be that weird, awkward reunion. Katie and I talk almost everyday and this is much needed reunion. Good 'ole Katie has never been to the the fabulous state of Oklahoma...I've warned her though. Told her she might need to pack more than she thinks, cause once she gets here she is not ever going to want to leave. (do you sense the sarcasm?) I do have some great things planned though, and I can't wait to see this face:Oh goodness, I've missed it so much! I just want to KISS IT!
So...that's the reason why I have mixed emotions. Sad that Walter is leaving, but happy that when he does leave I will be spending some good quality girl time with no one other than my college roomie, maid of honor, best friend...oh the list goes on.
So Walt... I'm going to give you some advice that I learned from Gracie. When you are in Alaska, I know the snow will look pretty and you'll want to do this:

Or you might even get brave and want to do this:

But... take caution...and look to see if there is YELLOW snow. Gracie didn't mind doing her thing outside...so be careful and don't eat the yellow snow. We will miss you.


Katie, Rick, Darcy, Hana and Piper said...

I saw you at Mallory's wedding silly. But nonetheless, it has been WAY too long. I can't wait to see you!!

Lacy said...

HA HA HA!! I had the best laugh over the yellow snow. Every time my dog "goes" that song comes to my mind! :)