February 2, 2009

Honest Abe

I was "tagged" by The Spicer Family and I was just told that I needed to talk about honesty...so let's see how this goes:

1. I am completely obsessed with the color green I didn't realize this until one of my friends pointed out to me that I wear green at least once a week. Ever since that day I've decided that I could never part with green...I've even painted most of my house this color.
2. I hated coffee until November of this year. Walt always wanted me to love coffee, so I gave in and once I had more than three cups, I was hooked. Now, I must admit I put a lot of cream and sugar in my coffee, but it's coffee.

3. I love the fact that I have become closer to my siblings over the years. We've always been close...but the saying is true...that the older you get, the closer to your siblings you become.
4. I believe in love at first sight. I knew from the first moment that I met Walt that I was supposed to be with him forever...and I did everything in my power to make that happen.
5. I already have my names picked out for my children. I know I don't even have kids yet, but Walt and I have already decided on all the names. 3 boys names and 3 girls names...and we have them in order.
6. If I had to choose between wearing makeup and being all pretty, or putting on a pair of Sofee shorts and never wearing make up again for the rest of my life, I would choose the second option. I hate getting dressed up.
7. I always bring my straightener to the hair salon. While my hair stylist is great at cutting my hair, I have always felt that I can do a better job of styling it.
8. I only applied to one college when I was in highschool. I always wanted to be a Baylor Bear. I sent my application in, in September of my senior year. By October, I already knew where I was going to college.
That was pretty fun! I'm going to stop at 8 because that is how many DeLayne did.

On another note....our weekend was fun, but low key.
Walt and I went to dinner on Friday night with one of our favorite married couples...the Green's.
See??? I told you I love GREEN!! We went and ate at India Palace. I have only had Indian food three times, but I tell you...I'm hooked. I seriously think I could have Indian food every day for the rest of my life... it is quite amazing.
After dinner... we went to a small bar to hear a band play. A random table behind us decided to give us the "Tulsa Firefighter Calendar." I was disappointed when I went to school this morning and Emily did NOT have hers hanging up in her 3rd grade classroom. ha!
Saturday, Walt and I had Valentine's dinner together and then on Sunday we went to church and watched the Super Bowl.
Unfortunately, I dropped Walt off at the airport this morning at 6 a.m. Good thing I went to school to get my mind off things....hope you all had a great Monday!

Me and Emily after dinner

The guys love it when we take pictures of them... can't you tell?

Emily and I with our fabulous calendars.

Just had to throw this picture in....on Sunday when Walt and I were putting together our Super Bowl snacks, this was what she was doing....she sat like this the entire time and just watched us. If you look closely, you can see her tongue is sticking out!!


BabyGraham said...

I love your responses! We have lots in common! Wonder why? Love you!

KSchulz said...

Have I told you yet that I absolutely LOVE my blog??? Well, I do. I just posted, but the best part is having my "dashboard" which tells me when you post! Now I don't have to obsessively check anymore.

Rathi said...

I sent you a long email, thanks for doing that for me!! I agree with your #5... Praying for you guys!! Have a great rest of your week and thanks again!