January 28, 2009

I'll get you my pretty!!

I think I am writing this post because I have been locked inside my house for more than 24 hours, because even I can't believe that I decided to write about this:
I used to be under the assumption that only witches had warts. Yes you read that correctly, WARTS. I'm 26, and never in my life have I had any kind of wart. Well, that is up until 2 months ago. Walt and I went home for Thanksgiving and I kept telling him there was something in my foot. After hours of prodding it with a safety pin, (sanitary, I know) we could not find anything inside my foot...but I knew that something was there. So, when I went back to school I went to the nurse's office and let her take a look at it. Once again, she couldn't find anything, and yes I let her get after my foot with a safety pin also. By the time I went home for Christmas I was hurting. Of course the moment I mentioned this to my Nana, she knew exactly what it was. "Meredith, you have a plantar's wart....from wearing those high heels. Just put some of this on and it will bring it to the surface." Well, I don't know if Nana was right about the fact that I got the wart from wearing high heels, but she was right that the medicine she gave me would in fact, bring the wart to the surface. Well ladies and gentlemen, that was over a MONTH ago. My wart is still here. Walt and I have gone to the store and purchased the "freeze-away" kit, I've purchased the medicated discs, NOTHING seems to be working. It's so bad that I only wear flats. Let me tell you something....I only own THREE pair of flats, so my poor students have seen their (used to be hip) teacher in three flats since January 5th. I try to alternate....if that makes you feel any better. Anyway... I can hardly work out my foot hurts so bad, so I've made the decision to go and get the wart frozen off... oh wait... to go and get the TWO warts frozen off. Yes, I said it... TWO! That's right... it spread... disgusting. So from now on you can just call me the Wicked Warty Witch! Any suggestions on how to make it stop hurting?????(If you are eating right now, you might want to put your food down, because the pictures are pretty nasty.)

On another note... yes, we had ice, sleet and snow. It started snowing yesterday around 3 and didn't let up until 6 so this was good because it is much easier to drive. Walt actually went into work today and I have a feeling that I will be back at work tomorrow. Thank goodness!! I'm ready to see my precious sweeties!! They had a project due on Tuesday, so I can't wait to see what they will turn in for me! Here are some pictures of the ice...obviously you can tell that Miss Gracie is definitely a "warmer weather" dog. She must take after her grandmother!

This is ice on the streets
Our little trees
Miss Gracie is wanting to kill me right about now...
first the jacket, and then taking her out in the ice.
We must have some pretty strong trees...they have survived the ice
two years in a row.
While I was out of school I had 4 blogs that I needed to get done. I just wanted to share so you could see that I have, in fact, been productive.

Mike, Sarah and Dodger Zipser
The soon to be Ashley and Preston Bass
Kinsey, Brent and Tucker Weegar
Kelly Schulz


Maxine from Texas said...

I know this is random, but...I had one several years ago and the Dr prescribed me prescription strength Zantac, you know for heartburn. Anyways, it worked crazy fast and it just kind of fell out. Very gross by the way!

Yelda said...

ok i am not going to gross you out, but when i was like in 6th grade i think, i had a planters wart on my foot(officially diagnosed by a doctor) and they had to cut it open and remove a round pea sized thing and stitch it back up (like 2 stitches, so nothing big) it was a really long time ago so i don't really remember more than that, but you should DEFINATELY go to the doctor.
Love the blog headers by the way, they all look great!

The Zipser Family said...

Thank you so much for my blog header!!! I love it. You are the best!

Rathi said...

I found your blog thru Kelly's prayer blog and i think my name is either right above or below yours! Rathi.. I just love your blog headers that you have made. Do you do those for free? I would love to have one for my blog, how does that work??

TheYarterFamily said...

So you so this blog header stuff for people? As you may be able to notice on my blog I haven't done anything to it because I don't know what to do just because I have the program. if you help me or at this point, do it for me, I would love you forever. Not that I won't but you know... Do you charge for this stuff, because if you don't you should!!