January 24, 2009

Drum Roll Please.....

How exciting! I have just received my first ever blog award from Jennifer! To think that my blog even slightly measures up to someones taste is exciting! Now I must follow the rules:

1. Say one nice thing to the man in your life: Oh Walter... you are the most loving person that I know. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't feel like a Queen because of the way you treat me. Thank you for loving me whole-heartedly.

2. List at least 6 ways you measure success in life:

a. Happiness in my marriage
b. Happiness with my profession
c. Volunteering
d. Being involved within my community
e. Having wonderful relationships with my family
f. Embarking on new opportunities

3. Assign 5 other blogs this award
a. The Graham Fam
b.The Spicer Fam
c. The Powell Fam
d. Just the Two of Us
e. The Weegar Fam
If you were tagged follow the rules above!! And congrats on your BLOG award!

On another note... YOGA! Oh my goodness, I would have to say that going to YOGA was probably the highlight of my week. Imagine walking into a grocery store and seeing all of this wonderful fruit. You love looking at all the different colors and textures and then all of a sudden sitting amongst the mist of the fruit is a Hershey candy bar.....WALT was that candy bar. Bless his little heart, he tried so hard and he has even said that he wants to go back. At one point in time the lady came over the Walt (this was like the 7th time she had come over to him) and she was trying to get him into the right position... Walt and I just started laughing at each other. The girl sitting next to me thought I was so incredibly rude... I wanted to look at her and give her the finger... the ring finger that is... that finger would say, "Hey, LOOK I am married to this man and I can laugh at him whenever I want!" I recall one point in time when we were all bending over touching the ground and I made eye contact with Walt and he was about 10 inches from the ground. He is the most unflexible person that I know, but I would definitely give him an E for Effort. It was an experience and we will go back, but for now I think we are going to stick to our normal workout routines.
Right now I am in Daingerfield for Preston and Ashley's shower... I know I will have tons of pictures to post once we return. Happy Weekend!


The Zipser Family said...

Thanks Mer for making over my blog. Can you send me your email address mine is sarahdurrum@yahoo.com. I will also pay you for your work, so don't even think about trying to not let me :)